Spotlight on Rapper One80

Rapper One80 is one of Houston’s upcoming artists on the Hip Hop scene. Teren Avery took on his stage name after serving close to 18 years in prison. One80 has already caught the attention of LeAnn Rimes and Dr. Dre.
At the age of 9, One80 suffered from child abuse at the hands of his stepfather. The abuse led to One80 ran away from home. Running away, Avery stole a car, hustled and in August of 2003, set fire to an abandoned house. Arson earned him 18 years in prison. Avery served most of it in TDCJ’s Estelle Unit in Huntsville at the age of 17.
While serving his sentence, Avery earned the nickname One80. Then, he picked up plastic spoons and began making beats. Avery’s beats covered by rap lyrics were recorded in prison. Avery sent his cousin his music, which soon became a waiting game for Avery to be released from prison. Avery learned important life lessons such as philosophy, chess and encouraged him to fly straight once he made parole.
After Avery served most of his sentence, within 3 months Avery produced 17 minute a documentary of his life that covers his start in music. Soon afterwards Avery released his music and started selling his music on Amazon.
Not too long afterwards LeAnn Rimes heard his music and invited him to perform in with her at Gruene Hall in Austin.
“For me to be a rapper and be able to perform there, I’ve never seen that many cowboy hats in my life,” Avery said. “You know what, and for them to accept me, this is why I feel like music is so beautiful.”
Dr. Dre called him via FaceTime to talk business, too.
“I was like man, you are Dr. Dre,” Avery said. “This is crazy. This is beyond a dream come true.”
His single, “Miles Away”, has been well received and confirms his start as a artist.


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