Q. Why should I purchase a promo package?
A. Most artists do not know how to properly market their product, we make it affordable and simple.

Q. How much exposure does an artist get from MMM Radio/BreezySays?
A. MMM Radio Brasil is actually connected on various other blogsites around the world, we average 16,000 listeners per month.

Q. What does a basic twitter campaign consist of?
A. Our twitter campaigns will blast you on twitter anywhere from 100-500 times per week.

Q. What is a headliner.fm campaign?
A. Headliner.fm is a social media service we use that allows us to market you and your brand with the assistance of other artists.

Q. How are payments made?
A. All of our payments are made via paypal. (no exceptions)

Q. Are any services free?
A. YES!!! sign-up for our mailing list and you will have an opportunity to win free promo.