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Breaking Barriers: A Movement, A Brand

In this world you will ultimately have two choices. You can either show the gifts you have been given, or you can keep them to yourself until the day you leave this earth. If you have a gift and no obstacles in your way, the level of success you achieve is up to you, whom you know and the amount of money you have. But what happens when your whole life is filled with obstacle after obstacle while you are trying to achieve your goal? Keep reading to hear how one music executive is quickly taking the industry by storm. At first glance, Cassandra Saunders looks like a disabled woman who has an immense love of music and for some, it’s hard to imagine she has the goals she has. To that we say, spend 20 minutes with her and she will change your mind.

Saunders has been in the industry professionally for 20 years. In that time, she has worked with high profile producers as a songwriter and dabbled in management. Through the years she has had to master the art of initiating conversations, as well as navigate a few adverse reactions because of her disability. But that all changed when, in 2018, through a then mutual connection, she met a man who would completely change her professional life.
Michael “Mike Boss” Mitchell was initially brought in to assist Saunders in getting the appropriate promotion for an artist, but ultimately became her mentor after learning that her goal was to have an independent label. Having relationships with all the major distributors, Boss was able to secure Saunders her first deal with in six weeks of their initial conversation.
Saunders had previously had marketing experience from previous endeavors, but there were a few things she still needed to learn about running and maintaining a successful label. So, her next task was convincing Boss that he should hire her to do marketing and promotion at his then newly minted label, Rich Nation Entertainment. On April 18, 2019, she began work at the label, as well as co-sponsoring an event with him as her own label, Broken Silence Music Group.

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Backwoods Fam "We Be On It (Remix)" Single

Backwoods Fam releases their latest single "We Be On It (Remix)" and takes off, check it out today.

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Jay Hayden "Special" Single | @iamjayhayden

Jay Hayden, is a self-contained American-recording artist, songwriter and producer from Washington, D.C. His debut album “Love Counseling,” led to his single “No Where,” charting on the Billboard top 100s under R&B and Hip-Hop (2010). Hayden has since performed with and/or collaborated with a myriad of artists such as Tank, Miguel, Marsha Ambrosius, DJ Luke Nasty, Fat Trel, DJ Kool, Ginuwine, Melanie Fiona, Raheem Devaughn, Ashford & Simpson etc.

His accomplishments include production placements on the TV series Orange is the New Black, Grace and Frankie (Netflix), Survivor's Remorse (Starz), Mixology (ABC), Mindy Project (FOX), Up All Night (NBC), VH1’s-Basketball Wives, Love and Hip-Hop etc. Hayden also scored music for Magic Johnson’s Magic in the Making TV series (Aspire TV)(feat. Simone Biles), and Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success (UPtv).
Hayden took a liking to the world of social media on the Vine app, which was introduced to him by American Actor DeStorm Power. Hayden’s Vine channel caught the attention of Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. Mendes featured Hayden which led to Hayden accumulating over 100k followers in 24 hours. Hayden earned over half a million subscribers and a half billion views during the vine era. He ranked among the top 200 the platform.
When Hayden introduced the single “Stranger” to his following on the vine app (2015), it generated over 4k new listeners per day and led to Stranger generating over 50k downloads on iTunes in the first 7 days and currently, over 6 million streams on Spotify.
While Hayden garnered much success as an artist, his skills set as a producer and song writer led him to focus on the film industry between 2015-2020. Hayden's successes in other avenues in the music industry eventually brought him back to his true passion of being an R&B recording artist (2021). Hayden currently has over 5 completed/unreleased LP albums and over 200 completed songs in his vault, which he plans to begin releasing to the world starting in 2021.
Hayden's most recent single titled "Special" was released on July 6, 2022, and has since been featured on Apple Music's New Music Daily, New in R&B, and Breaking R&B curated playlists, including Pandora's Top Shelf R&B curated playlist. Special has accumulated over 25K Streams in the first 7 days, and 80k within the first 14 days.
Hayden is expected to release his sophomore album fall of 2022.

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Slick Casino "Chu" Single | @SlickCasino

I Trap Music's very own Slick Casino recently delivered his latest single "Chu". Although you might not get it from the name, "Chu" represents being successful and not worried about anything. "Chu" actually stands for chew, and as Slick Casino explains, there is no problem that is too big for someone that is "CHEWING" or as we like to call it, eating. For you to be able to eat there has to be something on your plate, so join Treasure Marketing as we let the world know, Slick Casino has put in work and now it's time to "Chu".

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Trippy Tribbitt "TNS (Toxic Niqqa Summer)" Single | @toxicniqqatripp

Trippy Tribbitt (FKA Tj Xtreme drop his new hit single TNS (Toxic Niqqa Summer) from his first debut album entitled “Unscripted Feelingz”. Tripp explained that TNS is not just a summer song but it’s a way of life. Tripp have been in a lot of situationships and explain to us that what drove him to make a song to this magnitude. Tripp also spoke with us about how this song is different from his other music because usually he make a songs about being emotionally vulnerable as a man.

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KENDRICK P. "NAKED" DJ PACK | @kendrickpmuzic

Independent artist Kendrick P releases new single "Naked". Check it out today on all digital outlets.

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Wyn Starks "Who I Am" Video | @Wynstarks

Pop star. Soul singer. Modern-day genre-blender. Old-school R&B revivalist. Wyn Starks proudly celebrates his own diversity with 2021's Black is Golden, a debut album rooted in the singer/songwriter's versatile vocals, timely messages, and bold willingness to break new ground.

Black is Golden blends throwback grooves with contemporary moves, nodding not only to Starks' past — including his upbringing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he sang his first solos in church — but also the innovative sounds he discovered upon relocating to Nashville. Signing a record deal with Curb Records after just six months in town, he began releasing songs that celebrated love, life, and inclusivity, earning nearly 2 million streams for his debut single, 2019's "Circles." From there, his sound deepened to include tracks of justice and racial equality, all while maintaining his unique blend of vintage influences and progressive pop hooks.
Released in 2020, the EP Who I Am showcased an artist whose music as simultaneously personal and universal. One year later, Black is Golden continued that balancing track. The album is both a rallying cry for people of color and an inclusive call to the dance floor for all races, and its broad mix of music — including gospel ballads, rhythmic bangers, soul classics, and dazzling pop anthems — strengthens the album's central message of diversity.

Checkout the official "Who I Am" video

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(NEW MUSIC) Nitro the Flash - “Nitrogenesis” (Album)

A lot of new urban music is mundane and at some point, begins to sound all the same. That’s where Nitro the Flash comes in, meaning he has hit the scene to bring back originality and a welcomed brand new sound.
Nitro the Flash is a super talented entertainer with a fascinating imagination. His music incorporates lyrical greatness laced over bass laden eclectic electronic tracks. After releasing a slew of projects, Nitro the Flash’s “Nitrogenesis” album is the definitive project to showcase his talent. The debut single, “Who Am I”, reveals Nitro the Flash’s ingenuity and inventiveness and provides insight into his artistry. Though it is only one of ten tracks on the project, it makes quite a bold statement. It is sure to be a fan favorite.
Originally from Maine, Nitro the Flash made New Orleans his home from age 13 through early adulthood. The city definitely had an effect on his art. His unique ability to create something so different and amazing is what makes him stand out among entertainment giants. He is currently working on his music, along with acting and writing. Nitro is currently working toward his goals that include headlining Coachella and taking home an Oscar, both lofty but achievable goals for an entertainer of his caliber. Nitro the Flash is currently accepting bookings and is preparing for a future tour and press run.

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Black Militia @itzdatboyx ft DJ Chose "Pop That"

Black Militia teams up with DJ Chose and drops "Pop That", check out the official video.

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A1 "Big Steppas" Video

November 10, 1992 Antonio L. Cook aka A1TheHookGod was born in Prichard, Alabama.

Raised in a household of 8 kids and the oldest, A1 is now a father of 5. Growing up was just like any other environment around world that had struggle, violence, and poverty. A1 dreamed of playing in the NFL, yet music was always on the back burner. He was around music due to his grandad, aunts, and mother partaking in the church choir.

A1 was shy and looked up to David Ruffin but has his own sound and is a jack of trades. He can go from various music genres and makes all kinds of sounds with his voice. A1 states "when I make music, I always tell stories based on true events in my life and around my daily life. I go off my mood & feelings. How I feel right than & there before I make music allows me to create my own lane, so I can stand out and build my own legacy and show off all the talent I have. I love writing music more than being a artist, I love to learn business and making a change. Don't get it twisted, I have fun and live life with no regrets, making the best out everything I do. I paint art with my music and some may have not see it yet, but soon many will follow my journey." Welcome to the life of a humble savage who also does comedy.

Check out the "Big Steppas" Video

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Hailing from the "sunshine state" also known as Florida, Forever Fre$h is a name that many don't know, but the rapper intends to change that very soon. With an impressive body of music and thousands of streams across streaming platforms such as Apple music, Spotify and Youtube, Fre$h is determined to make his mark within the music industry. His latest single titled "When I'm Ready" off of his "Speak My Mind" album, has gained thousands of listens from fans across the globe.
"I know I have what it takes and the people behind me know that as well. We keep pushing and pushing until we are where we need to be," says Fre$h whose consistency and determination reflect in his work ethic. Song after song, video after video, his passion for the craft shows no sign of dying out. Forever Fre$h is a name that the world will soon come to know! Drop down below to hear his latest work.



DMENTID "Wake Up" Single | @dmentidfnm

FNM Music Group presents Brooklyn based artist, DMENTID. Contrary to what's pushed to the masses DMENTID represents music with a message, also known as, conscience rap. His lyrics makes you think, it inspires growth, and that's exactly what he wants to promote. Keeping his main goal of helping people realize that fear is the enemy, DMENTID delivers his latest single "Wake Up." With a mellow beat and words, you can understand, "Wake Up", is exactly what the name states, a wakeup call to everyone. DMENTID speaks about how we all have a false sense of thinking we have all the time in the world, but the time is right now, "Wake Up" and get to it. Press play and add "Wake Up" to your playlists today.

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#NewVideo Murda M44k (@murda_m44k) X LNG Knight - Whole Lotta

It's "Double4mobb" Don "Murda M44k"(MEEK) coming live and direct from the Eastside of "Tacoma,Wa" after being locked down for 17years "Murda M44k(Meek)" doesn't let that stop him from serving up some of the realist bar's, his latest visual installment Murda teams with fellow double 4 mobsta "LNG KNIGHT" for "Whole Lotta" even though he's not there his Naybahood is still filled with "Whole Lotta" gun smoke.

Stay updated with M44k via Twitter @murda_m44k