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Spotlight on PLAYBOY POPPY "Still Fly"

KMC The Label presents the new single from PLAYBOY POPPY titled "Still Fly" produced by KiCooked It. Check out the video below.

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Spotlight on Big Cade

From Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the home of the heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and The Crimson Tide rises an artist, a lot different from today’s artists…….. Big Cade!

He started his music journey in high school with the show choir singing tenor. With clever wordplay and boastful delivery, It’s hard to tell what style he has, it’s almost like a gumbo pot of rhymes and cadences. If you ask him he says “I let my emotions control the pen. Big Cade feels like perseverance is everything, “if you can make it from here, Tuscaloosa, you can make it anywhere. We don’t really have big name artists come here, or check for artists here! I wanna change that!” He has opened for the likes of Webbie and Boosie, Lil Wayne, and The Last Mr. Bigg (RIP) just to name a few. His latest single “Extra” boasts clever wordplay, a commanding voice, as well as a hard bouncy Florida Keys beat. “I feel like I can get on any song, with any artist and hold my own.” he clearly states. Often collaborating with a long time, child hood friend Bama Zo forming B.F.A., Big Cade is an artist you definitely should be on the look out for.

Connect w/ Big Cade:
Instragram: @bfa_bigcade100
Facebook: Big Cade
TikTok: bigcade100
Song Producer - Florida Keys

Amillionsons Links Up With Taka Boom, Chaka Khan & Mark Stevens For New "Misti Blu Two" Single

With roots deeply embedded in music royalty, amillionsons has curated a stellar lineup of vocalists for their highly anticipated “Misti Blu Two” single. Renowned singer Taka Boom, who is most notably known for her work with George Clinton’s Parliament, Undisputed Truth and musical icon Prince, brings her powerhouse vocals to the forefront adding a layer of soul, depth, and harmony that captivates you from beginning to end. With the help of her big sister, 10 time Grammy Award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Chaka Khan who can be heard doing backgrounds alongside their brother Mark Stevens (legendary bass player and musician), the sibling trifecta were able to create harmonious bliss on an already classic record. With Taka Boom’s strong vocal performance, she is remerging to the forefront of music in a powerful and prolific manner. By adding her dynamic vocals to “Misti Blu Two” fans are reminded that her musical gift is destined to touch the hearts and souls of anyone listening. This is the perfect blend of soul, jazz, R&B, and rock, something you don’t often hear in this day and age. Amillionsons did an excellent job putting together such an inspiring single that will stand the test of time.

Press play below to stream "Misti Blu Two".

Connect on Social Media: @boomwhip @chakakhan @amillionsons

NNGE Records presents Fly Rich Double "Mississippi"

Batesville, Mississippi; NNGE Records presents a new single "Mississippi" by Fly Rich Double. When you grow up in a small-town riding dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, and live in a single wide trailer outside of Batesville in a town named Courtland, you sometimes get overlooked. Fly Rich Double was fortunate to have a father that always preached to him to save his money and buy land. The old country way of thinking and living, that southern culture is what inspires him to his day, and you can hear it in his single. He wanted to pay homage to his ancestors and showcase what’s embedded in his DNA and drop a timeless classic for those born and raised in Mississippi and beyond because the country just doesn't get enough love. Press play and checkout "Mississippi".

Follow Fly Rich Double on all social media platforms as more releases are soon to follow.

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For Fly Rich Double bookings & features:
Contact Name: Macksippi (

Denton Arnell "Lay It Down" Video

Denton Arnell, Chicago Native, Producer, Entertainer, Songwriter, Actor & Grammy award winning musician. Featured artist on Season 16 of NBC's "The VOICE" under the guidance of Team John Legend. Educator & Mentor in the community, impacting youth using tools of Music & Arts.

ZNi Embarks on an "Adventure" with New Single and Music Video

ZNi Embarks on an "Adventure" with New Single and Music Video; Secures Digital Distribution with Universal Music Group for Maraire Music

Seattle, WA, USA - May 16, 2024 - Afrofusion sensation ZNi is set to captivate audiences with his latest single, "Adventure," a vibrant ode to romantic spontaneity. Born in Seattle but deeply connected to his Zimbabwean heritage, ZNi's music reflects a fusion of cultures that is both infectious and inspiring.
"Adventure," which is soon to hit radio, encapsulates the essence of a spontaneous romantic escapade, blending irresistible beats with vibrant lyrics that resonate with listeners. Produced by KloudNine Music, this solo track showcases ZNi's dynamic musical style and sets the tone for his upcoming album, Good Karma.

The release of “Adventure” comes on the heels of ZNi marking a significant milestone in his career as his imprint, Maraire Music has just secured digital distribution with Universal Music Group on it’s future releases and the aforementioned “Adventure.”

Through this strategic collaboration, ZNi's music will reach a wider audience globally, enhancing his visibility and impact in the music industry. The team at OneUmbrella played a pivotal role in facilitating this opportunity, demonstrating their dedication to advancing ZNi's career and expanding his reach. This exciting development underscores ZNi's growing influence and sets the stage for further success in the industry.

The accompanying music video, shot against the stunning backdrop of Bali, Indonesia, was directed by Sam King, who skillfully brings ZNi's vision to life with captivating visuals that complement the song's theme.

Reflecting on his musical journey, ZNi shared, "Music has always been a part of my life, thanks to my family's musical legacy. I started playing instruments from a young age and eventually began writing and producing my own music as a way to express myself creatively."

ZNi's previous successes include features on various radio stations, including Motsweding FM in South Africa, and appearances on renowned blog sites such as The Breakfast Club, Billboard Sound, and Earmilk, which have amplified his reach and fanbase worldwide.

Looking ahead, ZNi is excited to continue promoting "Adventure" while working on new music and collaborations. Fans can stay updated on upcoming shows and tours by following him on social media @znimusic and visiting

Expressing his gratitude to fans, ZNi added, "Your enthusiasm and love for my music inspire me every day, and I can't wait to share more of my journey with you all. Keep streaming, sharing, and spreading the word about ZNi!"

About ZNi:

ZNi is a Zimbabwean American artist based in Seattle, WA, known for his vibrant Afrobeats sound that blends infectious rhythms with heartfelt lyrics. With a musical journey deeply rooted in his cultural heritage, ZNi aims to connect with audiences worldwide through his unique and uplifting music.

Adventure is available now on all major streaming platforms.

For press inquiries, interviews, or bookings, please contact:



Follow ZNi on social media:

Instagram: @znimusic

Twitter: @znimusic

Facebook: @znimusic

Zuu Drops New Single "M.A.B." Under New Deal

The spotlight is now on New Orleans native and Atlanta based artist Zuu, who recently dropped his new single "M.A.B." featuring Justace under new deal with Krown Records/Atlantic Records. Zuu brings in a different sound being equipped with the best of both worlds. Having lost his father at age 4 Zuu was raised by his mother and uncles. Originally known by the stage name VLA Geeno the rapper rebranded himself into Zuu, a more mature and pristine version of his younger immature self. With the loss of his mother’s younger brother and the uncle whom he expressed he was most close to. Zuu decided to take his career more serious than ever and become the artist you see before you today. Releasing singles such as, “HotBoy”, “FAH2CDM”, “Tweak Mode” and more recently (2024) “BOLT UZAIN“ which in fact, was released per visuals. The new single is now available on all streaming platforms.

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Connect w/ Zuu:
Instagram: 1big.gorilla / Twitter: oonly1zuu

Spotlight On ResseThaChosen1 New Single "Pop My Sh!*"

ReeseThaChosen1 is an Entrepreneur and American Hip-Hop Artist best known for his hit single "Pop My Sh!*," currently distributed by Krown Records/Atlantic Records. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, but also raised in Atlanta, Georgia. ReeseThaChosen1 is the definition of a self-made independent artist. His Hustle, Grind is second to none, investing every penny and time into his dreams. With a stand-up guy belief system, he pairs street and book smarts to produce excellent music while running a popular brand merchandising business.
He is a determined and ambitious performer whose consistency has allowed him to be successful in his own right. As the winner of many open mics contests, he continues to perform live shows at various clubs nationally. Additionally, he has used his high-energy performances to open up for Lil Wayne, Sponsored By V- 103 Greg Street.
ReeseThaChosen1 uses his business acumen to sell his Merch worldwide and his tenacity to work nonstop by climbing himself out of poverty. He has demonstrated that you can leave a legacy by showing the world you can overcome struggles and hard times and make something out of nothing.

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Connect w/ ResseThaChosen1:
Instagram: @reesethachosen1
Twitter : ReeseThaChosen1

Spotlight On Hyena Squad's New Single "Find Out"

Hyena Squad is a Hip Hop Rap group out of the Midwest, Lansing, Michigan. The two solo artists Kenqua Smith (Derange Da Messiah) and Dante Mitchell (Iced Out) formed the group in 2017, they brought their two independent labels together "Iced Out Records" and "Cash Me Out Records" to forma a business partnership and create a unique new sound as a group.
Hyena Squad has recorded some amazing music but this hot new single they recorded, "FIND OUT" , is FIRE! The song features 2 Chainz, a Grammy nominated, Award winning, top of the Billboard Chart Platinum Artist out of College Park, Georgia. This ruff, edgy Single hits so Hard and it's definitely another hip hop hit and success. Don't sleep on Derange Da Messiah and get Iced Out!
Beware of the Hyena Squad.

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Connect w/ Hyena Squad:
Instagram: @517_hyenasquad | @richnation2023

Jones Returns with Highly Anticipated “Self Destruct” Release

Emerging R&B artist and songwriter Jones has been dominating the music industry this year. Coming off the release of his highly anticipated single “Rush” that debuted at #33 on the iTunes R&B charts, he returns with a follow up single titled “Self Destruct”. As he prides himself on creating high quality music that resonates with the world, this release takes his authentic sound to the next level. The Mississippi native accompanied this release with a music video that truly depicts his raw emotion, creativity and love for REAL R&B. From the male dancers in matching outfits, to Jones singing in water, this is by far his most eye appealing video. As you will see him asking for patience and guidance while serenading an on camera beauty, he has his heart on his sleeve. This body of work is reminiscent of that early 2000’s R&B that acts such as Avant, Tyrese and Ginuwine had the world in a chokehold with. Press play below stream “Self Destruct”.

Follow on Instagram: @ineedjonesnow

#NewMusic Offset x Lost God " Power Moves " (@pxtne1)

"Power Moves "

The West Coast 1st rounder & T.N.E artist " Lost God " heads to the ATL and joins forces with Migos front man Offset, for the single " Power Moves". "Power Moves" is Produced by the one and only Spiffy Global. This is a high-energy anthem that encapsulates the essence of ambition, success, and making moves in the game. With Offset's signature flow blending seamlessly with Lost God's dynamic delivery, listeners are in for an unforgettable auditory experience..

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Stay locked in With T.N.E and the mf Movement via Twitter @pxtne1 And Instagram @pxtne1 @lostgod85 @tnewdm

Dc Millioniare Mindset “Replace It” Video

DC has just dropped a brand new music video for his hit track “Replace It.” The video was directed by Mad Labs TV, known for their visually stunning and creative work. In the video, DC is seen performing the song in various locations, from gritty urban streets . The visuals are fast-paced and dynamic, perfectly complementing the energetic vibe of the song. The video also features stunning cinematography and stylish editing, creating a visually captivating experience for viewers. DC’s charisma and stage presence shine through in every frame, making it a must-watch for fans of the artist. Overall, the video for “Replace It” is a perfect showcase of DC’s talent and Mad Labs TV’s creative vision.

Follow Him On Instagram: @Millionaremindsetdc

Spotlight on L. Crock

L Crock is a highly talented songwriter and lyricist who is now ready to take his skills to the next level.

With a passion for music and a gift for crafting meaningful lyrics, he has the ability to create songs that resonate with audiences on a deep level. L Crock's professionalism and dedication to his craft are evident in every song he writes, as he strives to deliver top-quality music that leaves a lasting impact. As he continues to hone his skills and push the boundaries of his creativity, L Crock is poised to become a rising star in the music industry.

Connect w. L. Crock:

Mookie Tolliver "Wyd" ft Sammie

Check out the new single/video "WYD" by Mookie Tolliver ft Sammie.

Song producer and engineer Michael B Whit and Carter Song release date April 23rd 2019

Click Here to Download / Stream the Single

Connect online @MookieTolliver

Spotlight on Ajey

Ajey, an American artist originally hailing from New York but raised in Miami, Florida, rose to prominence in 2016 when his music captivated audiences on the Instagram explore page.

In addition to his musical talent, Ajey pioneered the creation of meme-like videos, a trend that gained traction in 2016. His hit singles, including "Fuck My Ex," "Selfish," "U Never Answer," and "Fuck School," have individually garnered over 700,000 views on Spotify. Ajey's increasing popularity led to a significant milestone – a distribution deal with EMPIRE, a feat recognized by numerous influential figures on Instagram. Notably, Ajey's debut album has surpassed 6 million streams, achieved solely through his solo artistry, without the collaboration of any featured artists.

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Connect w. Ajey:
IG: @AjeyMusic
TikTok : @AjeyMusic
Distributor : EMPIRE

“Dear Daddy” - Teflon Don ft. Tre'V

Released in 2023 (audio) Donald Askew Jr & Rodrick Levy (producers) Mixed by Carlos "6 July" Broady

Connect w/ Teflon Don:
Instagram: @teflondonmusic

Msnee "Side A" EP

With R&B and soul music at the forefront of music today, so many new emerging artist are rising up through the fire like a phoenix. One of those artists happens to be a super talented, multifaceted music genius named Msnee. Having recently released her new EP titled “Side A” she is looking forward to the most successful year of her music career. The Atlanta based spoken-word artist who originally hails from Detroit, blends Neo Soul and Hip Hop effortlessly creating an original sound that the world is in need of. What makes her music stand out among the crowd is the fact that only does she sing, she is a self taught guitarist, and music producer. Her level of creativity on this project reaches new heights showcasing her strong pen game, versatility, and impeccable vocal capacity. Msnee is a breath of fresh air. Stream "Side A" below.

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Connect w/ MsNee:

Fedie Demarco “Grand Imperial” Video Directed by Ice-T


Ice-T's Protégé Fedie Demarco Revives Authentic Lyricism in Gangster Rap Releases “Grand Imperial” Video Directed by Ice-T

Fedie Demarco - “Grand Imperial” ft Ice-T

Watts, California – [December 22, 2024] Watts native and rising hip-hop sensation Fedie Demarco is making waves with a powerful resurgence of authentic lyricism in Gangster Rap. In a genre often crowded with trends, Fedie distinguishes himself by bringing back the raw, unapologetic essence that made Gangster Rap a cultural force.
Hailing from the legendary streets of Watts, Fedie Demarco is poised to leave an indelible mark on the rap scene. His music stands out not only for its impeccable flow but also for his ability to infuse genuine lyricism without succumbing to the overly commercialized and sometimes corny Hip-Hop flavors prevalent in the industry.
Fedie Demarco shared insights into his musical journey and the inspiration behind his distinctive approach: “I lived in California all my life, born in Watts and LA, due to my moms being a single parent, having to move around a lot with no stability, it’s challenging at times but overall just like anywhere else, locals wanna be heard amongst their peers and outside their community. Everyone has a voice nowadays, and besides the West Coast charged up this new generation .”
Fedie Demarco's latest release, "Grand Imperial," serves as a testament to his commitment to genuine storytelling and impactful lyricism. The track, a remake of Rakim's classic "Microphone Fiend," pays homage to the roots of hip-hop while infusing a contemporary flair. Ice-T, recognizing Fedie's talent, collaborated with him on the track, adding his own touch to the East Coast-inspired West Coast sound.
The music video, directed by Ice-T himself and filmed by the talented Voice2hard, captures the essence of West Coast hip-hop with a raw, authentic feel. Fedie Demarco's refusal to compromise on his artistic vision sets him apart as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.
Fedie Demarco is not just a rising star; he's a torchbearer for the authentic spirit of Gangster Rap. His dedication to preserving the genre's roots while evolving its sound positions him as an artist to watch in the coming years.
For interviews, media inquiries, or more information, please contact:
[Media Contact Name] Hengee Garcia
[Phone] (310)403-45&7
Follow Fedie Demarco on social media:
Twitter: @fediedemarco
Instagram: @fediedemarco

Spotlight on Lil YattaTFC

Lil YattaTFC, is a hip hop artist , actor , YouTuber and Entrepreneur of out NASHVILLE , TN that has been seen or heard on multiple platforms like , Making Magic Network , BET and MORE.

Also Traveled many places and made a lot of connections showing his talents , promoting his music ,and his brand. Lil YattaTFC has a proactive way of thinking and is always thinking of a way to get to the next level and raise the bar . Lil YattaTFC is a versatile rapper that has an extremely expandable catalogue, he likes to write music that’s relatable to his fans . He is inspired by real life experiences which influences him as an artist and his writing style. He’s Well Known for his versatility and most admired for his hardwork and dedication while overcoming the obstacles and challenges he faces along the way . Aside from being a musician the multitalented individual is also an Entrepreneur who is CEO of the “ RICHYOLO BRAND “ Also landed a few acting gigs where he is seen on a Nashville Based reality tv show called “ Chasing Dreams 615 “ similar to “ The Rap Game “ which is currently airing on Making Magic Network & Also has a role in an upcoming Tyler Perry Madea Movie Coming up in the near future. In Addition to that he owns and operates his own record label “ MONEYTEAM LLC “. Lil YattaTFC As a kid Lil YattaTFC was brought up around music in and out the studio at a young age. Late night sessions where his pops would record all night . He recorded and released his first single and video at the age of 10 years old where he gained his buzz and managed to build a fan base. He was raised in a smalltown duplex in East Nashville. Attended East Nashville middle/high school until 10th grade where he graduated from Pennfoster Highschool located in Pennsylvania. Lil YattaTFC started gaining exposure through social media where he dropped freestyle rap videos and music videos. His Father is a former football player , recording artist and owns a moving business. His Mother Became His Manager she also owns a scrub business . The young rapper has did shows along side rappers ( , Dj The Rapper , ( Boosie Son ) Tootie Raw and (T.i Son )King Saiyan and more . He also opened up for rappers like ( PBE Pluto , Lil Migo , and Fredo Bang where he started to gain more exposure and let the popularity and fame take a toll on his career overtime. He even Got Features with Rappers like ( YK .Toon , Young Buck , and Abk Gatez). His lilyattatfc instagram account showcases his lifestyle as a Hip Hop Artist including his car , fashion , jewelry and music , Lil YattaTFC is looking to rebrand hisself this year and make a positive impact on the world . He Came up listening to artist like ( NBA Youngboy , Lil Wayne , Lil Baby , Lil Durk , Meek Mill and More which inspired him to do music once he seen how young they started and the global impact they had on their fans over the years. He is currently working on an album called “ Yatta 4 President” and previewing a few songs off the album with visuals starting the year off. Also planning on releasing new products for his clothing line and Coming out with a new TV show also airing on Making Magic Network .

Connect w/ Lil Yatta:

Apple Music | Youtube | Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | Tiktok

Independent 24-Hour Streaming Network

Welcome to Damage TV Netwerk, an independently owned 24-hour streaming network owned and operated by David Indikator Fuller and is based in Philadelphia. Damage TV Netwerk began in 2015 and grew out of the idea of Indikator shopping his signature tv talk show, Enter The Zone TV, to television larger networks. “My goal, at that time, was to shop my show to BET and/or TV One for major distribution.” As the show grew, technology changed and Enter The Zone appeared on its own channel on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The idea was to think outside the box and go into “network mode” as Damage TV had a great deal of content.

Damage TV is now an independent 24-hour streaming network. We have twelve channels on the network. We have the ability to create channels for clients which include educators, business owners, entrepreneurs, music artists, etc. One of our main goals is to empower the channel owners and content creators to to control their narrative and their audience. We differ from other services because we’re fully independent and our channels are private. Business owners can showcase their products inside their business to their customers, in real time. No one will shut you down because you are in control of your viewers. For more information, contact us at

From Red Carpets to Reality TV: Charisse Mills and Luce Cannon Heat Up UrbanflixTV with 'Baddie and The Beast' Premiere!

(Los Angeles, CA) February 13, 2024 - Love takes center stage as actress and recording artist Charisse Mills (@charissemills) and music executive and artist/producer Luce Cannon (@itslucecannon) debut their highly-anticipated reality television series, "Baddie and The Beast," on UrbanflixTV. Produced by Baddie and The Beast Productions, the UrbanflixTV original series offers an unfiltered look into the whirlwind romance of two dynamic personalities making waves in the entertainment industry.

Their paths crossed at a star-studded event, where Luce was performing and Charisse was making a guest appearance. It was a chance encounter that sparked an undeniable connection, despite the stark differences in their backgrounds and careers. Luce, with his street-smart swagger, and Charisse, with her sophisticated elegance, seemed like an unlikely pair, but their chemistry was undeniable.

As they navigated the complex world of fame and entertainment, their love story unfolded against the backdrop of glitz and glamour, but also the harsh realities of their respective industries. Their relationship faced relentless scrutiny from the media, as they struggled to bridge the gap between their two vastly different worlds.

Despite the challenges, their love only grew stronger, and they made a bold decision to share their journey with the world. Cameras followed their every move, capturing the drama, passion, and unyielding love that defined their relationship. Their life became a real-life drama, an adventure that took them from the red carpets of Hollywood to the bustling streets of New York City, from the glamour of international tours to the quiet moments of intimacy behind closed doors.

However, their story was not without its share of turmoil. As their fame soared, they became targets for those who sought to exploit their vulnerabilities. Their love faced threats from jealous rivals, and they found themselves embroiled in high-stakes conflicts that tested the very foundation of their relationship. Their love story was not just about romance; it was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with moments of intense passion, heart-wrenching drama, and adrenaline-pumping action.

Through it all, Luce and Charisse remained unapologetically themselves, refusing to conform to the expectations of the world around them. Their love was authentic, raw, and unscripted—a testament to the power of two souls from different worlds coming together in defiance of all odds.

"Our partnership with Charisse Mills and Luce Cannon marks an exciting chapter for UrbanflixTV as we enter the world of unscripted reality TV," says Herb Kimble, Chairman of UrbanflixTV. "Their authenticity, charisma and genuine connection resonate with audiences, making 'Baddie and The Beast' a must-watch original series."

"Baddie and The Beast" marks the television production debut of Charisse Mills and Luce Cannon, who also serve as producers and editors of the series. With their commitment to realness and candid storytelling, the couple invites audiences to join them on a journey of love, self-discovery, and personal growth - while they navigate the drama of the entertainment industry.

Don't miss the premiere episode of "Baddie and The Beast" on February 14th, 2024, exclusively on UrbanflixTV. For more information, visit and download the app to your home television or smart device.

Watch the “Baddie and the Beast” series premiere trailer here! Follow "Baddie and The Beast" on Instagram: @baddieandthebeastshow

About Baddie and The Beast Productions:

Baddie and The Beast Productions is a dynamic production company founded by Charisse Mills and Luce Cannon. Specializing in authentic storytelling and compelling content, Baddie and The Beast Productions is committed to bringing audiences unique and engaging entertainment experiences.

About UrbanflixTV

UrbanflixTV is a leading entertainment network dedicated to providing diverse and engaging content for audiences worldwide. Led by President Herb Kimble, UrbanflixTV offers a wide range of programming, from captivating dramas to thought-provoking documentaries, catering to diverse tastes and interests.

Famous Sally & YB "The Truth" EP

Attention DJ's...We've Got Action! Review and download the new and highly anticipated EP title "THE TRUTH" from Famous Sally and YB. Six hard-hitting songs perfect for club sets.

Click Here to Download via

Also checkout the official music video for "Everybody Scrilla"

Connect w/ Famous Sally & YB:
Label: Against Thee Grain/EPIC Records Contact: Sylvon Marshall

DEVIOUS "READY" prod by DeeDay + Bonus Track "I MIGHT" ft S-8ighty

The Bounce Factory and Free World Entertainment presents Devious “Ready”.
Award winning songwriter/artist Devious teams up with producer DeeDay on a grown and sexy banger “Ready” and S-8ighty on another vibe “I Might” which was produced by Suede Da Remix God.

Click Here to Stream/Download via

Connect w/ Devious:

Sxrap4800 (@Sxrap4800) X Poppa4 "Put That Shit On"

Step into the gritty streets of the Northwest side of Chiraq, as Sxrap4800 and Poppa4 drop their latest visual "Put That Shit On."

This fire beat mixed with the raw lyrics from Sxrap4800 and Poppa4 take you on a journey through the NW side of the windy city. Showing you some of the scenes portraying both hustle and resilience. Sxrap4800's distinct flow and Poppa4's dynamic energy elevate the track to a new level. Turn the volume all the way up and get ready for a look into the world of what N.W side of Chicago looks like in "Put That Shit On".

After you finish watching the new video, Tap in with Sxrap via X @Sxrap4800