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[Single] Cello (@cellodenali901) - Unbelievable

Cello Denali was born July 30 1990 and was raised in Memphis TN. Cello has been into music since the 7th grade. The art of music was in Cello denali's bloodline due to the fact his father Marcellus Jackson Sr worked with legendary J Blackfoot also of Memphis. The passion that Cello has for music grew even greater when his older brother (Marcus Scott) lost both of his legs in a motorcycle accident a few years back. Cello felt that it was up to him to take his family to the top and he has been going hard for his dream ever since. This song was inspired by "Netflix n Chill"...this is the type of song that sets the mood right when the movie isn't the main focus. The song speaks for it's self, just pop it in and it's going down.

Click [Here] To Stream/Download

Connect w/ Cello:
Twitter: @cellodenali901
Instagram: cello901

[Video] RAHZIN (@_RAHZIN_) - Nigga What

Brooklyn, NY – New York is often referred to as the epicenter of the world; the heart of music, literature, art, and culture, and at the center of it all is RAHZIN. A determined artist committed to putting his hometown of Brooklyn back on the map, RAHZIN is bringing a new sound to the age-old neighborhood of Coney Island, the west side of Brooklyn. Born and raised a “Brooklyn boy,” RAHZIN was urged by his girlfriend to pursue his musical aspirations and make a career of his unique sound. A fusion of many distinct genres, RAHZIN’s Brooklyn blend of sounds pulls from reggae, rock, world, and alternative music, creating a vibe that is entirely fresh and original.

When an “outsider” thinks of Coney Island, they might envision a crowded beach, amusement parks, and New York’s famous hot dogs and ice cream. But RAHZIN knows a different picture of the idyllic Coney Island, one filled with struggle and difficulties. His debut single, “NIGGA WHAT,” written and produced by RAHZIN himself and mixed by Soul Journal, sheds light on the harsh realities of Coney Island, an homage to the artist’s beloved city. The single is a glimpse of what’s to come, the impending release of RAHZIN’s upcoming album, LAND OF THE RECALLS VL I: SIRE.

RAHZIN’s inspiration is derived from his love for his city, but ultimately, his love for God trumps all. Pointing to scripture, in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."
Be sure to check out RAHZIN’s debut single, “NIGGA WHAT” on YouTube.

Listen on SoundCloud.

Follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

Spotlight on J-Giles Son (@JGILESson)

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – As a young Christian who loved hip-hop, Jonathan Giles often found himself frustrated with the lack of faith-based rappers in mainstream music.

He loved secular artists like Juvenile and Lil’ Wayne, but he also felt guilty about enjoying their music because he knew his faith didn’t agree with messages he was hearing in a lot of their songs. As he grew older and discovered a talent for rapping and making music, the struggle became more intense. Did he give up on making music – something he loved so much – or did he ignore the whispers of his faith telling him to walk away from the negativity of the music he so frequently found? By college he had come to the conclusion that he would walk away from hip-hip.

“But then one day a teenager in my youth group asked me if I’d ever heard of Lecrae – a Christian rapper,” J-Giles said. “I hadn’t heard of him, but when I checked him out and heard what he was doing, it inspired me to look for other artists like him who were real hip-hop artists but weren’t afraid to be spiritual. I started to listen to more people – people I hadn’t even known existed. It was so exciting, and I just couldn’t stop myself from writing. I wasn’t planning on recording anything, but the more I wrote the more things started to come together and next thing I know I’m recording my first album.”

Nine albums later, J-Giles is beginning to get some nationwide recognition. And his new album, “Hands on the Clock,” is a great example of the journey he’s taken – both in life and as a Christian. From growing up in a spiritual family, to accepting Jesus at a summer camp, to finding his wife and growing their faith together – J-Giles pours his life experiences into his music, and “Hands on the Clock” is a good representation of the amazing things God does in the lives of his people over time.

“The theme of the album is ‘time,’” J-Giles said. “A lot of us feel like we’re down here by ourselves and there’s not a God who’s working for us. This project is about a God who is outside of time but still involved and still cares about us. It’s about what you do when you’re going through tough times in your life and it feels like everything sucks. I hope this album helps others see that they shouldn’t give up and become bitter or discouraged.”

The lyrics on the album are raw, because they’re born from a tragedy in J-Giles’s life – the death of his newborn baby daughter at the time of her birth. He said it was such an unexpected and sudden tragedy that it has deeply affected him and caused he and his wife to turn to God for strength and support in the months since.

“This album is a reflection of what I’m feeling and going through,” he said. “It’s about the challenges we go through on a day-to-day basis and how we should keep our heads up and still follow our dreams, and hopefully see success and victory over the years.”

The first single off the album, “Even If Your Heart Stops,” directly relates to his personal tragedy. It’s a song that encourages others to push through tragedy. The song is already available for download on iTunes. While the album itself is available for pre-order.

“Even if you go through the worst moment in your life, time doesn’t stop for you,” J-Giles said. “You still have to wake up and go to work and pay bills. God is there with you as you’re dealing with tragedy, but you have to push through.”

As with all of his work, J-Giles hopes that this new album will inspire others to look to God for help and comfort. Ultimately, he hopes that his music is a faithful use of his talents for God.

“Whatever I’m given – whether it’s a small platform or a larger platform or somewhere in between – I just need to be faithful with what I have,” he said. “A lot of the vision for my music is being put on my heart and mind, and I just want to be faithful to that.”

To check out J-Giles’s music, visit iTunes, Soundloud, Spotify or Reverb Nation. Fans can also follow him on his website, or via social media on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

[EP] @DAEtrius 'The EBRO Demo'

Atlanta’s own DAEtrius responds to Ebro Darden’s call to action with The EBRO Demo EP.

Inspired by Ebro Darden’s comments to Jermaine Dupri during a recent interview about the current state of Atlanta’s hip-hop music scene, DAEtrius, 22, takes a quick break from recording his debut project to prove the “ the south has something to say”. On The EBRO Demo, DAEtrius weaves an interesting narrative that begins with "Ebro asking Atlanta artists to “step their bars up” and ends with a Peter Rosenberg/Raury interview where Rosenberg gives a heartfelt mention of DAEtrius as one of the Atlanta artists currently making dope music. In between these sound bites, DAEtrius makes a strong statement for himself and his hometown; honoring Hip-Hop’s birthplace while staying true to his Atlanta roots in just four songs. On each track, DAEtrius displays versatility, sharp lyricism, personal storytelling and song writing abilities. The EBRO Demo is a reminder that legendary artists like Outkast and T.I. came out of the south. If this project is any sign of what’s to come, the future of the south is in good hands. [EP] @DAEtrius 'The EBRO Demo'
The EBRO Demo will be available on Apple Music and all other platforms on Thursday, June 30. This concise, yet complete EP is mostly produced by up-and-coming producer Epikh Pro (Bryson Tiller, R. Kelly, Tamar Braxton, Royce da 5 9) and also contains production from famed producers The Olympicks (Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, ASAP Rocky). On the EP’s lead single “Parades” (feat. KO/Produced by Epikh), DAEtrius explains how the music scene is analogous to a cavalcade. He showcases why he should be on the lead float of the procession with lines like:

“Part rivers in these Hudson Jeans/ build bridges, on my Dr. King/ I want my dynasty on A&E/ Ain’t nobody A as me/ Stiil F*ck with Ebro/ Yeah, I did this sh*t for Pete/ I got something to say feeling like I’m 3/ Stacks, all my cards stacked/ N*gga play with me”

Be on the look out for DAEtrius’s first full-length album, PERCY PARK this July. Stay up to date with all of the latest DAEtrius news via

Even though DAEtrius, 22, is preparing to release his first full-length project PERCY PARK this July, he isn’t new to the music scene. Honing his skills since the young age of 11 while being around the presence of Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, and Nicki Minaj, this polished Atlanta artist is primed and positioned to make a major impact on the music scene. After taking Atlanta’s A3C music conference by storm last fall (performing on several stages and even in the streets!), DAEtrius brings his music to the world with The EBRO demo this month, and PERCY PARK later this summer. His strong lyrical ability, versatile song writing skills, relatable disposition and engaging stage performance will put him head and shoulders above the rest.
Purchase the EP Today on these platforms: Apple, Google Play, Amazon
Connect w/ Daetrius
Contact info: 
Phone: 917-406-6607 (point person, Sir Whit)
Social Media: 

[Single] BOSTON GEORGE (@BostonGeorgeAMG) X @COOLCTE ft Jeezy x Young Thug - F$#k Da Summer Up

CTE and Lavish Ways ENT drop the latest summer anthem from BOSTON GEORGE X COOL ft Jeezy x Young Thug titled "F$#k Da Summer Up", serviced by Bigga Rankin. Support and Feedback appreciated.

Click [Here] To Listen/Download

Connect w/ Boston George and Cool: Boston George Twitter: @BostonGeorgeAMG Instagram: BostonGeorgeAMG Contact: Cool Twitter: @CoolCTE Instagram: CoolCTEWorld Contact:

[Video] Ryck Jane (@iamryckjane) - You Already Know

New Music video for You Already Know performed by Ryck Jane.

Produced by : Ish Ferguson

Directed by: 4 Dub Ent

Download the song here:

[Single] BINO BROWN (@BEANS109) - TONY

Paper Route Empire delivers the blazing new single from BINO BROWN titled "TONY" produced by YFK. Club & Radio versions included.

Click [Here] To Stream/Download

Connect w/ Bino Brown: SNAPCHAT: BINOBROWN9 Twitter: @BEANS109 Instagram: BINO_PRE Facebook: BINO BROWN

[Single] Rico Richie (@Realricorichie) ft @2Chainz - APE

Rico Richie and 2Chainz team up w/ producer Cassius Jay to bring us hot new street banger "APE". Track is being serviced by the Streets A&R, feedback and support is greatly appreciated.

Click [Here] To Stream/Download

Connect w/ RicoRichie: Twitter: @Realricorichie Instagram: Realricorichie SnapChat: ricorichie1000

Shawn McMillan (@mcmillian_shawn) Rises From The Ashes with Release of Mind Over Matter

Chico, CA Shawn McMillan knows a thing or two about “the struggle.” The Pittsburgh native found himself losing everything in the pursuit of his dreams developing tech ideas for major companies, and ultimately, used his downfall to springboard himself back to success; to make a musical comeback and chase after a different dream, his love of music. Shawn attended a performing arts school in Pittsburgh, where he honed his writing and music skills. After a visit to California on a summer vacation, the artist decided that’s where he needed to be to make his dreams come true. “I told my mom that’s where I wanted to stay,” says Shawn.

Click [Here] To Listen

Inspired by a variety of genres and other artists, from Jay Z to Elton John, Shawn McMillan isn’t afraid to test the waters of different sounds and uses whatever moves him in his songs, leading to a diverse and eclectic sound. “I won’t be confined by any genre,” says the rising artist, “and the world should feel it.”

Listeners can expect some of that same diversity in the drop of Shawn’s new mix tape, Mind Over Matter, which is a culmination of many personal experiences and different sounds, from heartfelt, to rock, to hip hop. Many of the songs are derived from Shawn’s experience with an ex-girlfriend, a tragic heartbreak after over ten years of togetherness. “The most powerful songs are the ones about the breakup,” Shawn explains, pointing out “Hurricane,” as one of the most emotional on the record.

Shawn’s goal is to inspire others with his story, the same way musical greats such as Jay Z and Michael Jackson have inspired him. “I wanted the world to hear my music and let the world get to know me,” says Shawn, “I give my point of view an perspective on the world. My music is from a place of realization.”

Connect on LinkedIn.

Follow along on Twitter.

[Single] Ricky Ruckus (@RickyRuckus) ft Gucci Mane - Finesse

AOG x 1017 link up to drop "Finesse" by Ricky Ruckus featuring Gucci Mane. Track is being serviced by Street Execs and the Streets A&R, Bigga Rankin. Support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Click [Here] To Download

Connect w/ Ricky Ruckus: Twitter - @RickyRuckus IG - RickyRuckus Snap - Rickyruckus

Spotlight on MoneyBaggYo! (@MoneyBaggYo) Next Up From Memphis

via LaLaaShep >> Memphis is proving to be a city that breeds talent as its birthed Hip Hop heavy weights, Three 6 Mafia, Eightball & MJG, Yo Gotti, Young Dolph, and most recently, Blacc Youngsta. Rising artist, MoneyBaggYo is the next artist to projected to blow from the city as he has the support of his peers and elders. During a recent visit to Atlanta, MoneyBagg Yo & I discussed his relationship with Yo Gotti and Young Dolph; Working with Trouble and Migos; Making it out of Memphis; Kids looking up to him; The independent hustle and Nless Entertainment & more! All interviews shot & edited by LalaaShep! Stay tuned for more exclusives and behind the scenes footage with Lalaa @LalaaShep @TheProgressReport101 YouTube/ LalaaShep

[Mixtape] Papa Duck (@Papaduck1) - Str8 Gas

Florida's very own Papa Duck is back with another mixtape that is for sure going to get the clubs bouncing again. After his last project "Duck Dynasty", Papa Duck took his show on the road to promote the mixtape and give the fans what they love. If you've never heard Papa Duck's music or been to one of his shows, you are missing out on one of Florida's hottest independent artists. As each project is released Papa Duck shows and proves exactly why he has outlasted many artists and continues to push on with his Street Loot Music Group label. "Str8 Gas" not only will give his current fans their much needed Papa Duck fix, but also make believers out of anyone that has doubted the talent that he brings with every bar and delivery. Support by listening, downloading, and sharing this mixtape. Tell the promoters in your city to bring Papa Duck because the only thing better than a Papa Duck mixtape is a Papa Duck show.

Click [Here] To Download/Stream

Connect w/ Papa Duck: Booking: 404-717-3459 Instagram: Papaduck561 Twitter: Papaduck1 Snapchat: PapaDuckSLMG

[Single] LacMan (@LacMan615) - Rubberbands & Dufflebags

Who is Lac Man >>> Upcoming producer engineer and artist I go by the name of LacMan people call me Lac for short..I am BMI registered, I have a production team that goes by the name or Immortal Musicians and also affiliated with a few record labels JohnsonBoyzEnt, MoneyOutThaAzzEnt, and RealLifeEnt..I've been creating my own music for a long time I took a break for about two years to take care of things and now I'm working on a couple projects as we speak...I also do a lot of other things outside of music but music is one of those things that I gotta have more than anything it keeps me sane and being able to create it and produce it is one hell of an accomplishment for me...I'm all about growing and developing my skills..

Click [Here] To Download/Stream

Connect w/ LacMan: Website: Twitter: @LacMan615 Instagram: LacMan615

[Mixtape] Rennie Music (@renniemusic) - Court Dates And Caskets

New Mixtape by Rennie Music (@renniemusic) - Court Dates And Caskets. Listen, Download, and Support via LiveMixtapes.

Click [Here] To Download

Connect w/ Rennie Music:
Twitter: @RennieMusic
Instagram: RennieMusic

[Video] JasiCaesar (@Jasicaesar) - Bang Bang

Ukraine recording and performing artist JasiCaesar a Nigerian whose real name is Durodola Wilson Babajide presents visual for his single 'BANG BANG' which was officially released earlier this year on January under Coast2CoastMixtape platform and has remained on the Indie radio chat since then. He sang about his experiences as an African artiste in Ukraine, how hard and challenging it has been working with some other artists, friends and being misunderstood because of his great ambition and his distinct creativity.
He is presently working on some new mind-blowing, unique and outstanding projects which he promised to share with the world in order as soon as they are ready.
Watch Bang Bang Video comment, share and like.

For more of Jasi's visuals subscribe to his Vevo channel on Youtube
Stream on Spotify:

[Single] LUA PROC (@LuaProc) - COLD SWEAT

Paul “Lua Proc” Harris was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Lua Proc has always had a passion for music, growing up in the era of raw hip-hop he took a passion into lyricism. Taking after his Mother, Nina Ross’s entrepreneurial spirit and acknowledging that hard work pays off; he let his losses and setbacks fuel the energy to generate stability through his music career and independent label, High End Society.

Click Here to Stream

As an artist he has shared the stages throughout the country with the likes of Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Juvenile, and more on his journey. Lua Proc is currently working on his debut album titled, “Fish Tailing” which is set to release in the beginning of 2016. Lua Proc’s first two singles released from “Fish Tailing” has radio chart and major network placements. His singles, “Work” featuring Kevin Gates and “Flexxin’” are currently rotating in full swing on the radio. He has also had play at Mixshow Live Core DJ Retreat, Coast 2 Coast Mixer, Power DJ’s Listening Session and the recent BET Hip Hop Awards. In 2015, Lua Proc has been featured in XXL Magazine, Hype Magazine, and some of the most popular blogs and social sites on the net for urban/hip-hop music. As Lua sets to release his 2nd visual from “Fish Tailing”, titled, “Retarded” featuring Young Buck he is also gearing up to open on the road for Kirko Bangz’s, Playa Made Tour starting in February 2016. Be on the look out for more big things happening this year for Lua Proc. Lua Proc also just completed Twista's Living Legend Tour in May 2016, working towards his first official release entitled "Fish Tailing" thru Altavoz Distribution for July 2016 Paul "Lua Proc" Harris is slated to be a Pittsburgh native to represent nationally on the music scene. Twitter: @LuaProc IG: Lua_Proc Booking: Website

[Video] Basskingz AKA 69Boyz 'Thick Girls Winning'


[Video] Sean Mo - Motion Picture

New video from Sean Mo titled "Motion Picture"

[Single] T-Raw ft Rufus Blaq - What I Look Like

Tampa, Fl: College Hill Music Group's very own, T-Raw is back with another street anthem. After a brief hiatus to regroup, he is under management with Big Amp, one of Florida's pioneer tastemakers and ready to take his brand to the next level. T-Raw is known for getting the party started with his street bangers and the latest Trac Felonz prod record "What I Look Like". "What I Look Like" features Rufus Blaq and this duo make for a great sound. There is no need to talk your head off because T-Raw is the type of artist that prefers less fluff, he lets the music speak for him. Listen, support, and download this track today. Feedback is GREATLY appreciated.

Click [Here] To Download

Connect w/ Tee Raw: fb: ig:

[Single] Flori Da Don (@FloriDaDon561) ft Bigga Rankin - Up a Check

“Up a check” is a visualization of how Rapper Flori Da Don plans to live his life. With a co-sign from the legendary OG Bigga Rankin this single is sure to sizzle this summer. Take a listen as Flori Da Don walks you through his journey of music, money, & women in his Hot new single “Up A Check” hosted by Celebrity DJ Bigga Rankin.

Click [Here] To Download

Connect w/ Flori Da Don:
Twitter: @FloriDaDon561
Instagram: 1Floridadon

[Single] Ace Drucci (@blachawkrecords) & London Blu (@londonblumusic) - Down To Ride

Get The New Single "Down To Ride" By Ace Drucci & London Blu Available Now On Spotify, Amazon, Google Play & More!

[Video] No Pesci ft Genesis - So High

Artist: No Pesci Ft.Genesis
Produced by: MCF Production(Money Comes First)
Directed by: Tomas Montoya

(C) 2016 Unkut Music Group


[Event] 2016 Tampa Music Conference

The Tampa Music Conference is an annual event with additional focuses on promoting artists through Social Media year round. Established in 2004 by Angel and Carol Soto it has consistently been hailed as one of central Florida’s most successful music networking event. The TMC has been held at various venues such as the Tampa Conventions Center, T-Pepin’s Hospitality Centre, The Ritz Ybor and other locations. The 2016 edition will be held at the A La Carte Shrine Pavilion. The object of the TMC is to connect those aspiring to be in the music business with industry professionals and established acts from Tampa and around the country. It is an opportunity to not only learn, but to network with them. Watch the video below and let us show you what the Tampa Music Conference is all about. Make sure to log onto today to register, learn about sponsorship and more!
Tampa Music Conference 2015 from Symphonic Distribution on Vimeo.  

SoSo Ft DG "Sippin n Rollin" (Feedback Requested)

r3g track 1 art

Song name: Sippin N' Rollin
Artist name: soso ft DG
Producer: kaygw
Beat bpm: 110
Song length: 4:34
Twitter: @sosoflossy @dyl_gomez
Instagram: @soso_r3g @r3g_dg
Radio hit, good vibes, cruising song, smoking song, chill and mellow
Booking/contact/feature info:

Hilltop Da Don "Don't I Know"

small hilltop
SONG NAME : Bring Em Out
ARTIST NAME: Hill Top Da Don
PRODUCER NAME: Eric Matthews
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF TRACK: Southern Music, Memphis Tn native.
CONTACT BOOKING INFO: 901-495-4149 or


[Video] Franz The Hybrid One (@FranzTheHybrid1) & Black Earl (@Black_Earl_HAAS) - Crazy

Franz The Hybrid links up with Black Earl and together they release a dope video titled "Crazy". Check it out on Vevo today!!!!

Click Image To Watch!!!

[Mixtape] Supply & Demand 77 hosted by DJ Headbussa (@DJHeadbussa)

[Mixtape] Supply & Demand 77 hosted by DJ Headbussa (@DJHeadbussa)

Click [Here] To Download

Connect w/ DJ Headbussa: Twitter: @DjHeadbussa Instagram: @DjHeadbussa813