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Jae Money Beatz ft Monster Tun "Girlfriend" Single

Jae Money Beatz teams up w/ Monster Tun for the release of his latest single, "Girlfriend", which is produced By Jae Money Beatz.

NËITHER "I Like It" Single | @iamneither_

Fresh off the American Song Contest stage - NBC’s western adaptation of the long-running hit competition series Eurovision - NËITHER delivers the original version of the Pop driven “I Like It”. The record comes ahead of his debut project Lightroom, and boasts of booming 808s somehow married with syrupy sweet string melodies. NËITHER, who wrote and self-produced the record, is left to meditate alone in the opening lines after, what listeners can assume, are a series of offenses in his relationship. However, the antagonist will soon make a heartfelt apology over a bed of oozy symphonic phrasing. It is Pop, but with an urban, RnB, and even classical twist.

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Connect w/ NËITHER:
Instagram: iamneither
Twitter: iamneither_
Tik-Tok: @iamneither

LucyLu "How I Feel" Video | @WhoIsLucyLu

Maurica Newby-Ferguson was born Jan 11th 1992 in Rockford, Ill. Maurica, better known by her stage name LucyLu grew up on 106th N Mill Rd in Milwaukee, Wi. LucyLu started writing music with her childhood friends at the age of 16. After high school LucyLu moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where she released her first mixtape in 2012, called “My Name Ring Bells”.

In 2016 she released a second tape called, “The Female Mentality of LucyLu”. Throughout the early stages of her career, LucyLu appeared on the 52nd W Clyde Park tv show in Grand Rapids. She has also performed in many other cities & states around the U.S LucyLu has recorded shows and performances in Atlanta, Ga, Detroit Mi, Louisville Kentucky, Chicago I’ll, Green Bay Wi, her home town Milwaukee, Wi and the list goes on. LucyLu has won awards such as, Milwaukee vs Chicago (Best R&B Artist & HipHop Artist) and (Best Female song writer). LucyLu is humbly inspired by many different artist of all different genres, and even musical movies like The Temptations, The Five Heartbeats, Get Rich or Die Trying, TLC (Crazy, Sexy, Cool) and Notorious. LucyLu enjoys listening to artist such as, Derez Deshon, Chris Brown, Yella Beezy, Pnb Rock, Yung Bleu, and a few hometown artist as well. LucyLu music style is diverse and different yet original. She has a mixture of grown & sexy yet authentic and motivating. throughout life’s lessons and determination, LucyLu is more focused than ever. In 2018 she released her latest mixtape “LucyLu Back In Mode” after taking some time to work with other artist and focus on getting her name out there as an independent artist. LucyLu considers herself to be a singer & song writer with rap skills. She looks to write for other artist in the near future, and work with some of the major artist in today’s industry. It has been a long time coming, but LucyLu is excited to keep working and see what the future holds for her.

Connect w/ LucyLu:
Facebook: LucyLu
Instagram: LucyLu
Twitter: WhoIsLucyLu
For Booking:

Spotlight on DJ Doctor Motivation

Hello Reader, this is DJ Doctor Motivation and I am the New Owner of

A new Mixtape Company that is Branded and partnered with I will like to give the most Glory and Praise to God 1st and then I will like to give a BIG SHOUT-OUT to Nerve DJs for supporting my career as a DJ for many years and many years to come."DJ Doctor Motivation is a Beatmaker also known as someone who makes Instrumentals. With many promotions, events, mixtapes, contests, and giveaways. We as DJ's can create an extraordinary amount of income and as Producers, we could even take the Income to an even further production. DJ Doctor Motivation is a DJ that is trying to help change the way music is being promoted in today's industry. With the right tools and the right music that works. We could definitely see the possibilities that Artists can take. We are trying our best to give all the Artists we work with the best quality of promotional service as possible. The Job of a professional DJ will strengthen the culture of today Hip-Hop and music. I have a business meeting with the radio station today so I can't spend too much time writing but the is going to be the best thing for any Artists we work with. BIG FACTS!!!
Connect w/ DJ Doctor Motivation:
Instagram: @MixtapeSubmit

Spotlight on Jahzi

Jocelyn, better known as Jahzi is a Chicago Native, she was raised by her grandparents and mother as a child. Early in life, Jahzi was captivated by music. For as long as she could remember, her grandfather would sing Etta James “At Last” with her, and it became a favorite for Jahzi. In her teenage years her and cousins formed a girl group named “JKT” which they used to put on shows for family gatherings. The whole dance and singing routines. As a result of this experience, Jahzi was motivated to pursue a career in music and modeling.

It wasnt until after high school Jahzi began experimenting with all genres of music, she used music as an influence to express her life experiences and thoughts. She began writing poetry that transcended to music. Heavily influenced by Chris Brown, Summer Walker, Beyonce’ & Mary J. Blige music combined with real life experiences became the inspiration for her music which she crafts into powerful compositions that evoke strong emotions in listeners.
After a variety of life experiences & situations and some detours in life music truly became the medium through which she was able to convey her narrative. In addition to her modeling career she has also begun pursuing. She continues to write, record and perform her music performing at various showcases across Illinois & Indiana. She opened up for Chicago Music Legends Twista, Do or Die, Crucial Conflict & Shawnna at Chopfest 2021 hosted by Power 92 Chicago. In addition to placing 5th out of 35 artists @ Coast to Coast Live National Showcase. Her Song “Fiji” Ft Via Drexxx was performed.
Thereafter she Released her single “Trippin”. She has not stopped her drive, motivation and desire is real and this music/modeling journey is her reality. Its her dream to pursue her career by working hard to create a strong fan base, put out “feel good” music and be successful at it.

Jahzi is managed by Breadwinning Enterprises, the management company that discovered, developed, marketed and promoted her music (She Noted its not everyday somebody believe in you and go all the way to see you thru your dreams and make them reality, my management did that and is truly appreciated)
It is safe to say that she is a blossoming RnB/Hip Hop sensation. She is fueled by ambition and determination and will continue to grind and push all the way to the top. The first gold voice of our newest RnB/Hip Hop rising star has arrived.
Look for her line of clothes coming #Summer2022

Giles reintroduces himself with timely, moving single ‘Alive’

Back in the day, so to speak, Alvin L. Giles was putting out tons of music on YouTube and working closely with R&B and soul artist Cody ChesnuTT – touring the world as his music director and working as the principal arranger for his critically acclaimed album Landing on 100.

He even worked as pianist and lead musician on the song “What Does Freedom Mean” for the soundtrack to the Oscar-winning film “Twelve Years a Slave.”
Then he became a father and his focus shifted to being a good provider and dad.
Now, 10 years since his last release hit the shelves, the artist known as Giles is reintroducing himself to the world with his stirring new single “Alive” and a chorus that borrows from the colloquial expression it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
“When I wrote the song it was really a message to myself because I needed the encouragement,” he says. “When you’ve stepped away from your dreams and passions for 10 years, even if you’re doing it for a noble cause like taking care of your family, it’s a mighty blow. I’m trying to step back into the ring and reconnect with my old fans. I needed something in my head to click and that’s what this song was for me.”
As he debated what song to release for his coming back party, war broke out in Ukraine and Giles knew the single had to be “Alive.”

“You are here, you persist, you’re alive,” he sings in the chorus. “Despite fear, you resist, and you thrive.”
“We’re all coming out of a pandemic, we’re all survivors in a sense and there’s war, there’s suffering,” he says.
It’s an impressive debut, with Giles “really spitting” and showcasing his lyricism, songwriting and musical chops. Every bass note plucked, every hi-hat and drum beat – everything is 100 percent him. He composed the song; wrote the hooks, the chorus, the harmonies and engineered the recording, only bringing in a fresh set of ears for mixing and mastering.
“You really get an overdose of what Giles has to say and has to bring musically, sonically,” he says. “This is not my only style but this song encapsulates something that I think is quite unique. A lot of times you have people who excel in one particular area. They might be a fantastic producer but they need a ghostwriter or they’re a fantastic lyricist but they can’t write a song. I have my fingers on the pulse of the music. I’m not just thinking about what bars I’m going to rap, I’m thinking about what keyboard licks I’m going to play and what bass riffs. You get a pure view of my vision.”
He calls it purposeful intention, because Giles wants listeners to hear his raw vision and know that every note was placed intentionally. There are no opportunities for his music or message to get lost in translation.
Placing Giles’ music in a specific genre is a difficult task because he excels in multiple styles. It’s hip hop, it’s indie rock – it’s even been compared to Seal. He studied jazz piano in college at Florida A&M and the fact he was chosen to play piano on a major motion picture soundtrack, curated by John Legend, speaks to his talent.
“Alive” is his first shot, he says, but the gun is fully loaded and Giles is putting fans of indie hip hop and people who resonate with his message on notice that he’s not going anywhere this time.
“My kids are older, I’ve done what I need to do financially to make sure my family is in a good place with or without my recording career,” he says. “Now I’m in a position to take no prisoners and that’s exactly what I intend on doing.”
Giles will release more singles throughout 2022, all sharing the same meticulous planning, and there’s one thing he hopes rings true: as an independent army of one, stack him up against your favorite major artist and their team of writers, producers, and musicians to see who comes out on top and it’s not going to be an easy win for them.
For more, follow Giles on Twitter (Official_Giles), Facebook (OfficialGilesMusic), Instagram (officialgilesmusic) and TikTok (@officialgilesmusic). He can be contacted directly at

BBA Trigga "FDS" Music Service | @bbatrigga

“FDS” is the second release from BBA Trigga’s upcoming album Trigganometry on Block Enterprises. BBA Trigga explained what fans can expect from his debut release.

“You got hood, you got music for the n##### who really living like that, you got music for the females, you got music for the people who just listening. I’m going to touch everyone because everyone will going to feel what I’m expressing as soon as they hear the music. Sometimes, in life you have to move away from what doesn’t serve you— and well, that when you say FDS and live!

Take a listen to “FDS” A video for the single will drop later next week.

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Follow BBA Trigga on all social media sites as @BBATrigga and listen to all releases on all Streaming platforms.

Enrico Milano "Kick in the bass" Instrumental EDM

The tune "Kick in the Bass" is an instrumental piece. The music has a darker theme at the beginning and the drums are very present in this music. It was something that was attention getting right away. This is a great track and will really how off the beat and what Enrico is able to do with the different sounds of music.
When the song went on there were some interesting sounds. The percussion was present, and it stood out during the entire piece. A person listening to this is able to pick up more than just the drums. There are some many different instruments at play, and they are all present in this song.
The song has a funky beat to it. There are times when the song will get quiet, and a listener will think that it is over. The song will then continue, and it will come back stronger with a slightly different sound and feel to it.
While the song does not have any lyrics that go along with it, it is easy to begin to hum along with the beat and even begin tapping as the music is going on. As the song ends the percussion is still strong. It goes until the last minute. A person can hear some of the song begin to turn down as it goes into the final moments. That last sound at the end of the song that signals that it is going to be over really take the percussion to a new level. It shows what can be done with different instruments of this group. This is a great song for anyone that likes a strong bass and some unique sounds. This is a song for those that are dabbling in techno but with some much more.

Connect w/ Enrico Milano:

Youtube Channel:
Soundcloud profile:

GBG Fukemup "Freestyle" Video | @GBG_Fukemup82

LOS Music Group x GBG Fukemup Releases Official Music Video for “Freestyle”

Rap recording artist GBG Fukemup opens the second quarter with his latest visual for “Freestyle”. The music video, which was shot in Chicago, shows a variety of raw energy, aggressive flows and 808 production all reflecting the realities of street life and unfiltered word play. But be alarmed, GBG Fukemup is a well diverse artist, ready to show and prove with rollouts all year long via his home label Last One Standing Music Group. Watch the video now for “Freestyle”.

GBG FUKEMUP OR FUKEMUP as he is referred to by close friends and fans is a Harvey Illinois, by way of Chicago-born Independent artist who has always had the rap itch. The second youngest of six siblings, Fukemup traveled a twisting path as his drive for music pushed him onward. With childhood memories from every neighborhood he lived in, it was on Chicago’s Eastside,Fukemup reflects: “All around we moved a lot through out the city /suburb to suburb, but the trenches is actually where it was most fun for me. There was Stony Island, we had the 79th beach where people used to bring out the cars and it was a lot of females you know”. Fukemup’s interest in the rap game was from his uncle and father who rapped when he was just 4. His professional interest came when his close friends and fellow rap artists from EBE & GBG were consistently pursuing music with focus. Fukemup soon after found himself in the music studio where he recorded some tracks and vocals on solo projects as well as featuring as a guest rapper on other collaborations. His musical influences include such rap luminaries as T.I and 50 Cent, and a few others. His music style is thought-provoking and non-conventional; sometimes rapid-fire, but interspersed with a positive approach to social discourse and real-life experiences. Ultimately, GBG Fukemup draws inspiration from his upbringing and plans on leaving a legacy for not just his fans, but his biggest inspiration; his son. Fukemup is currently gearing up for his new music and visual releases “FREESTYLE”, “NO LIBS” & “SET”
GBG Fukemup Contact:

Email | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Facebook

Listen to GBG Fukemup:

All Platforms | Apple Music | Spotify | Soundcloud

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G4 GoldenChild "BLACK PANTHER" Single | @G4GoldenChild

G4 GoldenChild is back on the scene with a brand new release: "Black Panther". A perfect combination of massive rhythms, beautiful melodies, and lots of charisma
 March 2022 - G4 GoldenChild is a rapper with a focus on creating edgy songs, with a love for different influences. His most recent studio release, "Black Panther", is a combination of hip-hop, trap, and other styles, making for a unique and highly rewarding combination of styles that keep the attention span of the listener high.
 Find out more about G4 GoldenChild and do not miss out on "Black Panther", which is now available on everywhere.

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 Connect w/ G4 GoldenChild:

Artist: G4 GoldenChild Song: BLACK PANTHER Producer: YoungBino On Da Beat BPM: 91 kbps: 320 Record Label: Diamond Mill Records Contact: Philip Fuzell

Half Ounce "About It" Single | @Half_ounce ft VFMadeTheHit (@VFMadeTheHit)

Fresh new single from Wrongkind frontman Half Ounce titled " AboutIt " featuring VFMadeTheHit. Half Ounce is keeping the hits coming in 2022. So press play and stream the new single " AboutIt " Available via all major outlets. Streaming below via (Spotify,Apple,Youtube, Etc.)

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Then Tap in with The Inglewood Boss via Twitter @Half_ounce & IG: @Halfounce500.

BrisGod new debut single “Cali” is a glimpse of lyrical versatility that demands your attention

A king, raised by an Army Vet and a God-fearing singing mom, Christian Greene (professionally known as BrisGod,) was born with a gift. Meticulous with his wording and the ability to create timeless tracks, each session is done diligently. It’s beyond rap! Music is His life.
Surrounded by a family of musicians, harmonizing became a hobby. Introduced to poetry in middle school, winning the poetry contest was the beginning of a transformation. Adding his poems to dope beats, Chris immediately transformed into Bris.
Coming correct as a signed artist to GMF straight out of middle school, the pen bled differently while writing his first song “Bloodline.” The fire within could never be extinguished. Following his first feature video “Patrick Swayze,” the City was in a frenzy when his Mixtape “Welcome to the Lo” dropped.
With the streets on lock, Bris began to use his voice to inspire the youth. In 2010 his FLIITE GANG label was born, as well as BrisGod. His talent is raw and undeniable. Releasing 10 mixtapes, including “Death Before Dishonor,” “Chris Green Story,” "1-5," “I Am Pyro,” “Mad Max,” and most recently, “Wait For Me.”
With almost 4,000 views on YouTube, there is power in his voice.
Waiting for new music? Wait no longer! BrisGod is now a signed artist with Broken Silence Music Group/Sony Music. “And I’m like FINALLY.” (a reference to one of the singles on BrisGod's eventual debut album, ) “GodForm.” The album is full transparency into BrisGod's heart and world, that he’s about to takeover.

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