Enrico Milano "Kick in the bass" Instrumental EDM

The tune "Kick in the Bass" is an instrumental piece. The music has a darker theme at the beginning and the drums are very present in this music. It was something that was attention getting right away. This is a great track and will really how off the beat and what Enrico is able to do with the different sounds of music.
When the song went on there were some interesting sounds. The percussion was present, and it stood out during the entire piece. A person listening to this is able to pick up more than just the drums. There are some many different instruments at play, and they are all present in this song.
The song has a funky beat to it. There are times when the song will get quiet, and a listener will think that it is over. The song will then continue, and it will come back stronger with a slightly different sound and feel to it.
While the song does not have any lyrics that go along with it, it is easy to begin to hum along with the beat and even begin tapping as the music is going on. As the song ends the percussion is still strong. It goes until the last minute. A person can hear some of the song begin to turn down as it goes into the final moments. That last sound at the end of the song that signals that it is going to be over really take the percussion to a new level. It shows what can be done with different instruments of this group. This is a great song for anyone that likes a strong bass and some unique sounds. This is a song for those that are dabbling in techno but with some much more.

Connect w/ Enrico Milano:

Website: https://www.enricomilano.it/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/EnricoMilano71/
Soundcloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/electro-music-dj