[Video] Microwave ft. Mars The MC - Who You Are

Who You Are ft. Mars The MC off Microwave's "No Maintenance" and "Best Of Microwave Vol. 3" and Mars' "Back To Work". The video stars the First Lady of Outer Limits Aleena "Ms. Diamond" Sadler.

Get Familiar w/ Mars The MC

MarsTheMC (born Demaris Jamelle Hargett on April 12, 1988) is an American rapper and producer from Trenton, North Carolina. Mars began rapping at age 16 during his junior year of high school. It began as a hobby but later turned d into a passion when he graduated the following year. He began producing during the summer of 2008 when he dropped out of college. Always a tan of soul music, his sound initially was based around sample based Hip-Hop. Since then he has experimented with other elements of music, yet still bringing his heartfelt approach to the table. His past projects include one mixtape (The Semester Off Mixtape) and two EP’s (The Launch & Back To Work). Mars currently has a mixtape out entitled “From Couches 2 Condos” which symbolizes his journey to become an established artist in the game. Although many look for riches and fame, Mars has his eyes set on being the voice for the little guy. Safe to say this small kid has big city dreams.

LATEST PROJECT: "From Couches 2 Condos"


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LATEST PROJECT: "The Boxcar Chronicles"


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