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[Single] Casino Mel (@IamCasinoMel) - Trap Nigga

Five Star Empire's very own Casino Mel is gearing up to release his mixtape project titled "Casino My Religion", Trap Nigga is the first single off that project. Feedback and Support is appreciated.

Connect w/ Casino: Twitter: @IamCasinoMel Instagram: CasinoMel Facebook:

[Video] @ItsVain @St Laz @TonyYayo (G-Unit) 'Monster Bars' Part 3

V.A.I.N, St. Laz & Tony Yayo (from G-Unit) post up in #Brooklyn freestyling. Watch 'Monster Bars' Part 3 below:

Follow V.A.I.N Twitter/Instagram: @itsVain Facebook: ItIsVain Wesbite:

[Single] Cyko (@iamcyko_) ft @RichHomieQuan - So Much Money

Lost Key Records and Team Bigga Rankin team up to bring you "So Much Money", the latest record from Cyko featuring Rich Homie Quan.

Connect w/ Cyko: Twitter: @iamcyko_ Instagram: iamcyko_

[Single] DB FRE$H (@pgdbfresh) ft Future - 3 ZIPS

3 Zips ft. Future performed by db FRE$H. Produced by Lui Kang.

[Video] Bigshot - Money On Ya Brain ft. Kai95 & Sonny Thompson



[Ep] Aminor - Welcome

Checkout the latest EP "Welcome" by Aminor, 5 tracks that are already getting great reviews and support.

Click here to download on mediafire

Click here to download on itunes

[Mixtape] Bambi (@AdizBambi) - Return of the Lipstick Bawse

After a two year break Bambi releases her third mixtape "Return of the Lipstick Bawse" which includes an array of remixes and a few original tracks to satisfy her fans until the release of her album.

Connect w/ Bambi: Twitter: @AdizBambi Instagram: AdizTheBam

[Single] Wilo (@Wilo305) ft JKash - Wet Wet

Miami artist Wilo has consistently dropped hardcore street anthems, but has teamed up with JKash and prod. TracKingsLLC for "Wet Wet", this one is for the ladies. We appreciate all support & feedback.

Click [Here] To Purchase Track

Connect w/ Wilo: Twitter: @Wilo305 Instagram: @Wilo305

Rushbilli (@RistakerBully) Gets Back in the Saddle

Rushbilli Gets Back in the Saddle (From the Big Easy to the Big House and Back Again)

Everyone has a past and it’s often those with one's paved with hard times that make the best stories. Especially when those people pull themselves up and are able to breakaway from past mistakes and hardships, and more onward. Rushbilli is one of those people who have seen the worst of times, but isn’t about to let his stint in prison define him for the rest of his life. Instead, it’s pushing him towards his goals and getting him back into the rap game. Hailing from the same streets as Birdman, Rushbilli sees that as a sign that he can not only make it in hip hop - but go on to be a name that sits on the shelf alongside the likes of not only Birdman, but other men who have talent both in front and behind the mic. He’s not only an artist, he’s also got a business mindset that sets him apart from many of his peers; working on his music and his label as he starts to reinvest in his artistry. It’s been awhile since he’s been at it, but before his stint in prison - he did his fair share of touring and went everywhere from Florida to California. Today he’s got some things planned with the SCM Awards, as well as having the world enjoy his single, “I’m That Guy” which features Boosie BadAzz and Kief Brown.

Those interested in hearing more from Rushbilli, connecting with him about a project, or finding out more about his label - can check him out online, get in touch with him with the info below or read about his trials and tribulations in his book, Parable of Buried Treasures, Sacrifices, and Masked Beauty, available here. About: Rushbilli is a rapper from New Orleans whose stint in prison gave him time to reevaluate his life. Once out, he decided to get back into music and now he’s putting all his time and energy into not only creating music, but building his label.

Contact: Buried Treasures LLC Rushbilli Links: Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: Write up by ArtistPR.

[Single] Marco Watts (@watts305) ft Piccalo & Renzo - Party

Marco Watts ft Piccalo & Renzo "Party" as featured on the XVI Diamond Awards mixtape via Bigga Rankin. Support and feedback is appreciated.

Connect w/ Marco Watts: Twitter: @watts305 Instagram: watts305

[Mixtape] Live From The 706 Hosted by @BiggaRankin00 & The Bankroll Squad DJS

Bigga Rankin drops latest mixtape w the Bankroll Squad DJS featuring various standout artists. Checkout the Live from the 706.

Tracklist: 1. Dread Head Cartel ft Wayne 3D - Intro IWTFS (I'm wit the fuck Shit) 2. T Money - Piped up 3. Blaq - Make It 4. Sean Teezy - Dancer 5. Medallion T ft Yaki - Dope in a Mansion 6. B3 - The Plug 7. Mohan The Cuban - OK Remix 8. DKV - Feelings 9. Lil Caddy - Thirsty 10. Marquise Wineglass - Yesterday

XVI Diamond Awards Mixtape hosted by @BiggaRankin00, @TonyDavisTheDJ, & @DJNeutron

The Diamond Awards formerly known as the Duval Diamond Awards inaugurated 16 years ago by Bigga Rankin was established to celebrate not only the major artists from the south, but as a way to put Duval on the map as a major entertainment market. Artists such as Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy, Trina and 2Chainz won their first music awards at the former Duval Diamond Awards and went on to major stardom. This is not your average local awards show, we have grown past the trials, the haters, and the doubters...even though they still exist, we are proud to say that every year we get "Bigga and Better" Diamond Awards “Building Legacies through Generations.” The official Diamond Awards mixtape celebrates the artists whom have dedicated their time into making quality music and are not afraid to invest in the advancement of their career. Hosted by Bigga Rankin himself, Tony Davis The DJ, and DJ Neutron with the mixing done by our Engineer of the year winner DJ Stikuhbush, we present to you the XVI Diamond Awards Mixtape. "Greatness Over Time."

Connect w/ Hosts: Twitter: @BiggaRankin00, @TonyDavisTheDJ, @DJNeutron IG: @BiggaRankin00, @TonyDavisTheDJ2Day, @DJNeutron

Spotlight on Crucial Williams

Leonard C. Williams, a.k.a. Crucial, is many things to many people but one thing he definitely is not is a slacker. He works hard at everything he does, hence, the name for his latest single “On My Grind.”

“It’s a party song filled with motivation. Everybody likes money, so basically that’s what the track is about,” explained Crucial.

Click [Here] To Stream

According to the upbeat rapper, he came up with the song while working, of course. It quickly became his “on-the-job anthem” created especially for hustlers who are all about making that money.

“If I can put a song together that everyone can vibe to and encourages them to make money which is grinding, that’ll be a perfect thing. I want people to get motivated to work hard for a living but have fun doing it,” explained Crucial.

This new single will be featured on Crucial’s upcoming album, “Welcome 2 My Thoughts,” which is scheduled for a fall release. According to this hip hop star in the making, the project will contain 14 head-nodding tracks.

“It’s got a little bit of everything. There is some rap, R&B, spiritual tracks and party music,” he stated. “All the tracks will pretty much motivate you. My three favorite tracks on the album are ‘Own My Grind,’ ‘My Goals’ and ‘Love My Style.’”

Influenced by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Lil’ John and Twista, “Welcome 2 My Thoughts” is Crucial’s first big project; however, the buzz surrounding it has already been growing.

“I’m very excited. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from it. It’s going to be awesome when I finally release it,” he stated. “It took me almost two years to put the whole thing together. While it’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication, it’s going to be worth it once the album is released.”

To learn more about Crucial, visit him on YouTube, Facebook and at

[Video] Fourtune (@WeAreFourtune) - I'm Falling

'Fourtune' (pronounced Fortune) is a rapidly rising R&B group that hails from Milwaukee, WI. Unlike most groups, the fellas of 'Fourtune' don’t have designated or specific roles. Thus giving them the advantage of having multiple songwriters, instrument players, producers, and harmonizers. On a mission to bring back the golden sound of real quality R&B ‘Fourtune’ is sure to become a staple among lovers of true R&B music. Connect with Fourtune Twitter & Instagram: @WeAreFourtune Visit: Booking and all other business: Anthony aka BIG Tone Musicinfogroup P: 682-325-9483 E;

Spotlight on Harold Jamez (@HaroldJamez)

Performing professionally for eight years now, rapper Harold Jamez is gearing up for another exciting year. In the early part of 2016, he dropped a new promo track titled “Extra! Extra!” available for FREE on his website.

“The inspiration for the track was to show the listeners who’s new to my brand and has never heard of me before that I’m a true lyricist,” explained Jamez. “It’s a really good record with a catchy hook.”

According to Jamez, the track samples two unlikely pairings—the legendary Curtis Mayfield and the Super Mario Brothers.

“Music right now is so dumbed down in terms of what’s coming out,” I wanted to do something not only different but lyrical, too.”

His latest single, which is for sale, is a tracked called “Late Night.” It features a talented artist by the name of Wil Guice. It was recently released in 239 countries.

“That track is for the ladies and the guys who are looking for a ‘late night.’ I wrote that record to show my versatility. I can go from being lyrical to providing you with something is both smooth and laid back,” he stated.

Influenced by such artists as OutKast, Tupac and Wu Tang Clan—Jamez says that both released tracks will be featured on his upcoming EP titled “V.O.T.E.” or “Voice Of The Emcee.”

“I’m a new emcee, and what I’m campaigning for is the ears of the listener,” stated Jamez. “I’m just being me. I know that’s probably the blandest answer. However, I’m not the gangsta. I’m not the pimp. I’m not the mack daddy. I’m not the back packer. I’m not the trap god.”

Born in the projects of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and a survivor of the streets, Jamez stated he’s not trying to be like anyone. He’s perfectly happy with just being him.

“I call it ‘my life music,’” stated Jamez. “I’ve dealt with the drug scene, but now I own my own business. I’m working on a book and I’m a public speaker. My style is all about being the best person I can be—and not trying to copy anyone else.”

When people listen to Jamez’s music, he says he hopes they feel the realness in his voice and sincerity in his soul.

“My sound is hip hop influenced with a southern, west coast twist,” stated Jamez. “When people hear my songs, I want them to have a good time. I also hope that my music empowers them. I want them to know that even if they feel like the underdog, they can still thrive and become that person they want to be.”

To learn more about Jamez, visit him on Twitter, Facebook and

[Single] Robot Jones (@RealRobotJones) - Table 50

It all began with a tape recorder. At only nine years old, Robot Jones was handed what would inevitably become his career in the form of a tape recorder. A 3rd grade teacher, spotting Jones’ creative potential, gifted him with the recorder and the artist has been a fountain of expression ever since. His music is a powerful, passionate reprieve amongst the angst and difficulties of growing up in what Jones calls a “troubled place.”

Jones’ creativity manifested itself in a career with the inception of Mona Lisa – a creative co-op full of likeminded musicians, actors, rappers, even athletes all with the same vision of filling the world with inspiration and creation. The group called itself Mona Lisa as a tribute to the world famous portrait of a woman who has brought speculation and interpretation from artists, historians, and scholars around the globe. “Everybody has a different opinion about the significance of the painting. When you look at our group, it’s the same.” Each member of the group comes bearing different talents and qualities, but inevitably, they all wear the same face, like Mona Lisa herself.

Robot Jones’ music is inspired by no one single genre, and he finds himself pulling from every avenue of inspiration, from Lana del Rey to Tupac and Steve Aoki. “These days I listen to a lot of everything; I’m an open book. I even listen to classical music.”  Jones’ penchant for diverse music has paid off, lending itself to a new project, inspired by a Bollywood movie. The song, “Black Bollywood,” will make its debut in late summer, 2016.

In December, Jones dropped his most recent single, “Table 50.” At first glance, the song is about a group of people at a restaurant, but upon closer inspection is a metaphor for a deeper life experience. The restaurant, Magnolia Café, represents a difficult, corrupt world, and the indulgences the host offers Jones strip away at his innocence until the bill comes. Only, it’s not money they’re after in the song. In “Table 50,” like in life, you are forced to give away parts of your soul to foot the bill.

Click [Here] To Stream

When asked about his goals and aspirations for his career, Jones is hopeful, but resolute in his mission to make it about the art, not about fame. “I want to change the world; open some  eyes to what life is really about. I’m not in music to get a check, I’m in music to show people they can express themselves anyway they want.”


For more information about Robot Jones, click here, or follow along on Twitter.

[EP] Issa (@IssaIam) - Blue Moon

Issa continues to push out new music with his latest EP "Blue Moon". "Blue Moon" is executive produced by super producer Cassius Jay and is a project in which Issa continues to tap and showcase new sounds, direction, and growth. The Good Life & NNTME artist is determined to take no breaks as the inspiration flows, he takes it to the studio and gives the fans what he is best known for, MUSIC! Support by downloading and sharing his new project today.

Connect w/ Issa: Twitter: @IssaIam Instagram: IssaIam

[Video] @itsVain #AintNoNiggaLikeMe

"Ain't No Nigga Like Me," is not only Vain's theme song it is also a special dedication to Big Kap who passed away February 3, of this year. Big Kap achieved platinum status for the release of album "The Tunnel" with Funkmaster Flex. Big Kap is also accredited with helping to launch the career of Biggie Smalls has received numerous tributes since his death including one from the Grammy Awards! Big Kap who co-signed Vain's talent took Vain under his wing and into his studio where they collaborated on the single, "Bottles In The Air," which features Vain, B. Morgan and a rare Big Kap vocal performance. Big Kap featured Vain's single, "Throw It Back," on his State to State Mixtape which was his final release. Vain went out on tour with Big Kap on his Legends Tour where they performed "Ain't No Nigga Like Me," which was was a personal favorite of Big Kap's. So much so that he performed it live with Vain at the Coast to Coast Showcase. Part of this rare performance footage is featured in the, " Ain't No Nigga Like Me," video which can be seen below.

Follow V.A.I.N Twitter/Instagram: @itsVain Facebook: ItIsVain Wesbite:

[Single] Young Cash (@YoungCash) - Get Ratchet

Win Squad's very own Young Cash is back with his latest single "Ratchet"...backed by Team Bigga Rankin and the Cool Running DJs. Listen, Support, and Download, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Connect w/ Young Cash: Twitter: @YoungCash Instagram: YoungCash

[Video] Hollywood Evans (@Hollyw00devans) ft K Major - Camouflage

Hollywood Evans teams up with K Major for his latest single/video "Camouflage"...backed by Team Bigga Rankin and the Cool Running DJs. Listen, Support, and Download, feedback is greatly appreciated. Click [Here] To Download Single Connect w/ Hollywood Evans: Twitter: @Hollyw00devans Instagram: Hollywoodevans CONTACT INFO: 786 474 6044 229 292 9914

Spotlight on Laday Smith (@LadaySmith)

PARSONS, KANSAS—LaDay Smith is gearing up for this biggest single release yet. His latest track titled “Power” was written to inspire the masses and give hope to those who have none. 

I was listening to Young Thug. It’s based on his song. I loved his beat. I put my own words to it. It’s basically a remix,” stated Smith. “The message of that song is that you can do anything on your own. You don’t need anybody else to step in. Be your own leader.

Smith says he drew inspiration for his latest single from his own personal struggles. His road to becoming an artist hasn’t been easy; however, he knows that anything worth achieving in life, of course, never is. Knowing this, he continues to reach for the stars.

In the past, I’ve tried to do music with other people, but it was hard to do because they were doubting me,” explained Smith. “They didn’t think I was good enough, but now since I’m older and wiser, they understand the thing I’ve been going through. Now that I’m older now, I know that I can do anything that I put my mind to.”

Influenced by Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Drake, Trey Songz—Smith’s vocal range is hard to match. No musical note is off limits for this talented singer.

I have a broad vocal range. I can sing very low, and I can sing very high. When people hear my voice, they’re like, ‘Oh, My Gosh! He sounds like this?People are like, ‘Dang, I didn’t know he could do all that,’” stated Smith.

Smith is without a doubt a triple threat and force to be reckoned with. He writes, produces and performs all of his own tunes—and has no plans to ever stop. His beautifully written lyrics are inspired by real life.

The majority of the music that I’ve written is mostly about the relationships that I’ve been in,” stated Smith. I talk about why it didn’t work out, why I moved on and what I’m doing with my life now.”

On a path headed toward musical success, Smith plans to be performing all over the world in the next several years and making music people can enjoy and relate to. To learn more about him, visit him on Twitter and

[Video] FAME MDV (@Fame_mdv) ft Q PESO - BANDZ

New Video by Fame MDV featuring Peso "Bandz"

Follow @Fame_mdv on IG and twitter. Booking contact: