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[Mixtape] Ramboe Slice (@Ramboe_Slice) - Thug Life Music Reloaded​

Boom Boy Music Group and Team Bigga Rankin team up to release Thug Life Music Reloaded by artist Ramboe Slice (@Ramboe_Slice). Thug Life Music Reloaded brings in Bigga Rankin, Hoodrich Keem, and DJ Tellz on the hosting duties with various tracks that are guaranteed to get the streets talking about this project. IT's time to once again Feed The Streets.

Contact: ​Twitter: Instagram:

[Single] Suuupe (@supablancomusic) and Pohhla (@pohhla) - Broke My Wrist

The return of Suuupe Blanco (formerly Supa Blanco) with his highly anticipated record “Broke My Wrist” ft. Pohhla.

Contact: @supablancomusic @pohhla

[Single] Big Mota (@BigMota8) ft Trulla Mafia - She A Thot

Big Mota (@BigMota8) is fresh off the success of his "350 Mota WRNR" mixtape with a brand new track. "She A Thot" is prod by BuckNasty and features Trulla Mafia. Listen, Download, and Support.


[Video] ATM - NY State of Mind 2K15

[Single] FrontStreet (@FrontStree) - I Wanna See U

Good Life Music Group's recording artist Frontstreet is a staple in the Atlanta music scene and that has yet to change. He grew up on the west side (Bankhead) and was signed to the legendary SoSo Def records as an early age. Frontstreet earned himself a gold record as a member of the City Boyz and reached success with other groups in which he was a member of. Frontstreet's talents go further than the mic; he also has writing credits for several major hits, including "Gettin Money" featuring Wiz Khalifa Rocky Fontaine. Frontstreet generated a lot of noise earlier this year with the release of the single o "Ray Allen", which features his label mate Law G. The buzz off "Ray Allen" left fans anticipating their forthcoming solo releases. The year is close to an end, but Good Life Music Group could not hold on to this record any longer and today we present you with "I Wanna See". Frontstreet is not letting up and if anyone thought he was, we are here to awaken them. TBlack TheHitmaker lends his genius with the production of this track and that gave Frontstreet the exact sound he needed to lay down his killer rhymes. “I Wanna See U” is a fun track that depicts just how a man feels when he has a certain lady on his mind and exactly what about her makes him want to see her. This track is one that everyone can enjoy and vibe with…let Frontstreet help end 2014 and start 2015 with the dance floors packed as the soundtrack is “I Wanna See U”.

Contact: Twitter: @FRONTSTREE Instagram: FRONTSTREE Website:

[Video] Conan (@ConanMSG) - Justice

Conan (@ConanMSG) recently released "Governorz and Gangstaz" WRNR mixtape hosted by Bigga Rankin, DJ Q, and DJ Winn. This project is a mixtaure of what it's like to be a gentlemen with his feet in the streets. Conan's title video was chosen due to the recent events that are going on, not just in the United States, but worldwide. It seems that we are all facing injustices, esp those of African roots. Checkout the video today and make sure you are support the full "Governorz and Gangstaz" mixtape​
Click [Here] To Download Governorz and Gangstaz WRNR mixtape

[Mixtape] Junny (@IAmmJunny) - Red Roses WRNR hosted by Bigga Rankin

The Richmond Va Native Born And Raised In The Southside Area Who Goes By The Name Of "Junny" gives You A Big Inside Scoop On Life And Music In His Hometown. Junny made A Big Impact In His City With His Hit Single "ShwaggHouse" and now it's time that we bring in the streets A&R Bigga Rankin for the WRNR mixtape, Red Roses, co-hosted by DJ Phalie.

Connect w/ Junny

[Video] Triple J (@shrinkrapmg) - Beat Boxin' + Mp3 Download

Triple J exhibits his versatility in “Beat Boxin'”. The video takes us on a journey through what it feels like to have beats playing in your head. “Beat Boxin'” starts off with Triple J being diagnosed by a psychiatrist as he explains to her the sensations he feels as these beats turn to music and lyrics in a mind that would seem insane to the average person. Triple J shows that he's far from your average artist; he is an embodiment of hip-hop. In an era where we don't see many artists paying homage or even showcasing hip-hop in its rarest form, Triple J comes in and changes all that.​ > Directed by D.Suave > Produced by Triple J. > Support the track via iTunes | Google Play >
> Click [Here] To Download

[Video] The Heat (@Theheat201) ft. Harley - U'ont Want It

Via #StackOrStarve

Birthed in 1998, three talented individuals, all born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, Crisis, Monroe, and Panic discovered they all shared similar backgrounds. Yet, through their distinct and different personalities, perceived and could express real life situations and topics in a cohesive yet individualized and unique flow. Crisis's conscience and amusing flow along with Monroe's style of street swag and distinguishment, mixed perfectly with Panic's raw no nonsense lyrical approach, were the perfect ingredients to create the elixir known as The Heat.

Label: 81 Illatainment / Heat Musik Group
Director : Vic Shadez for G.I. films & Professir G for Redemption Art & Music
Producer : Platinum Sellers Productions
Heat & Harley "H2 Reloaded EP to be released in early 2015


Instagram: @Theheat201

Members: @Crisis81 @Trendseda_monroe @Bigpanic81


Twitter: @Theheat201

[Video] Miz MAF (@MizMAF) ft. Freeway - That White plus Behold A Pale Horse [Album]

@MizMAF - That White ft. @PhillyFreezer Dir by @PeterParkkerr

Behold A Pale Horse ALBUM

North Philadelphia rapper and StreetSpittas artist Miz MAF (Money And Family) presents his new album "Behold A Pale Horse", featuring production from 100 Miles, Level 13 and In-House Producer Rizzo. The lead single/video "That White" features Philly heavy hitter Freeway and takes place on the streets of Philly. Stream "Behold A Pale Horse" Here
Album Available on iTunes|Google Play|AmazonMP3

[Mixtape] J-Ness (@JNessCoastWave) - Blessed With The Gift

via #StackOrStarve
New Jersey representative J-Ness releases his long awaited forthcoming mixtape "Blessed With The Gift" hosted by Its Bizkit and Power 105.1's Jovonn The Don...with home base production from the elements and also super producer non-stop the hitman known for the latest smash by Yo Gotti "Errybody". J-Ness puts together a solid body of work that shows versality and brings back a nostalgic sound reminicent of early 90's Hip Hop mixed in with the sound of today's current hip hop...He also features well known artists such as Troy Ave, Chinx, Fred The Godson, and TSU Surf.

[Mixtape] Minty Burns (@mintyburns) - Golden Ticket + Video

p style="text-align: center;">[Mixtape] Minty Burns (@mintyburns) - Golden Ticket + Video

"The Golden Ticket" Music Video

[Video] Juh'Millions (@JuhmillionsSDL) - Dat Be Me + iTunes Link

Tampa, Florida indie label, Da Limit, is prepping for a massive effort for the New Year. The label has been quietly working for the past few months and is ready to introduce everyone to lead artist Juh'Millions. Being that Juh'Millions is a young and swagged out artist, we couldn't wait much longer and with that being said we present to you his latest video "Dat Be Me". Watch and get ready to see and hear Juh'Millions everywhere.
Click >>> <<< to purchase track via iTunes. Connect w/ Juhmillions:

[Single] Pohhla (@pohhla) and Supee Blanco (@supablancomusic) - Kool Hunnit

Pohhla and Supee Blanco are back with another anthem guaranteed to get the crowd rockin. Listen, download, and support

[Single] Flori Da Don (@floridadon561) - Peruvian

A Peruvian lifestyle is all about being official. Flori da Don (@floridadon561) is the official authority of the streets new era. In the single “Peruvian” Flori da Don is metaphorically walks us through a visual of his version of the “Peruvian” streets experience. Flori da Don smokes official, his team is official, his money is official, and his main lady is official. With dynamic production from Moss Musiq of The Lottery, “Peruvian” ignites a euphoric musical pleasure that is sure to be “OFFICIAL”.

Contact: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook |

[Mixtape] Conan (@ConanMSG) - Governorz & Gangstaz WRNR hosted by @BiggaRankin00

When Conan (@ConanMSG) let the people in his circle hear the material on his forthcoming mixtape, the Memphis rapper and his crew realized he was discussing the positive and negative of life with equal aplomb. “It’s like two different sides to my story,” Conan explains. “It’s the streets and the different things that I’ve been through in my life. I try to touch every subject I can on every level.” Given the wide range of topics he raps about, Conan knew that the title of his project needed to represent a higher level of thought, as well as the streets. Governorz & Gangstaz became a perfect description. “The streets is the Gangsta part,” Conan says. “I’m also trying to touch the young folks and let them know that it really ain’t about trying to be gangster. It’s not all that it seems to be. That’s the Governors part, the leader. Folks in the industry are fooling everybody. They have the young brothers doing things that they’re not really about because they see everybody else doing it.”


[Mixtape] J Green (@JGreenOHB863) - Global hosted by @BiggaRankin00

Polk County's very own J Green (@JGreenOHB863) already seen good success in various markets due to singles that were embraced by fans, djs, and tastemakers. Early 2014 he started a massive solo project by releasing various records and generating a buzz for his "Global" release. "Global" features major powerhouses Zaytoven, Young Scooter, Rocko, Johnny Cinco, Alley Boy, and more. Today, we serve the streets the highly anticipated "Global" mixtape hosted by the OG Bigga Rankin and powered by Team Bigga Rankin.

[Mixtape] Rico (@RicoGMB) - Da Cook Up (9 Piece) WRNR hosted by @BiggaRankin00

Indie artist Rico (@RicoGMB) out of Duval links w/ Bigga Rankin to release his mixtape "Da Cook Up (9 Piece)". Everyone knows that when you are a street artist, nothing says official project like the WRNR stamp. DJ Shab also is on deck w/ the co-hosting on this project. Listen, Download, and share

[Single] Loudpack Loski (@LoudpackLoski) - High Mileage prod.Zaytoven

[Single] Loudpack Loski (@LoudpackLoski) - High Mileage prod.Zaytoven

via @StackOrStarvDjs

[Mixtape] Lynx Legacy (@Lynx_Legacy) - Luxury Larceny

[Mixtape] Lynx Legacy (@Lynx_Legacy) - Luxury Larceny

[Single] Issa (@IssaIam) ft Mila J (@MilaJ) - Like You

sIssa (@IssaIam) artist signed to Good Life Music Group is one of the few artists that we can honestly say was destined, even before his conception to be a musical superstar. In 2014, Issa released various records; one of those records “Breathe”, which features Jacob Latimore, gained major radio play across the U.S., claimed the #1 radio spot for Indie Records, and the video debuted on 106 & Park and MTV Jams. Also in 2014, Issa put his writing talents to work for platinum selling artists, is currently on the verge of inking a major deal, and still manages to find time to work on his new project “No Rules”. Due to his relentless grind, Issa caught the attention of MTV and has signed on to record a reality show, which will document his moves as he continues to travel down the road to stardom. Mila J (@MilaJ) is another artist that has made some major moves and continues to shock the world with her talent, beauty, and grind. Mila J took a small hiatus from music, but when someone is born to do this, you cannot stay away long. Signed to the historic Motown Records, Mila J recently released her EP “Made in LA” which earned a spot on the Billboard Top 200. When two people are blessed with the gift of music in their veins, the only thing for them to do is collaborate and that is exactly what Issa and Mila J have done on the track “Like You”. “Like You” is a youthful yet soulful record, it blends the fun that Issa brings to tracks with his delivery. Many have compared Issa to a young and hungry Lil Wayne because of the tenacity both of them showed so early in life, which is rarely seen in young hip-hop artists. Malik Yusef, writer for Kanye West’s Good Music states “I have been blessed to be involved in the beginning of careers from Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, and Kanye West and I've never seen an artist at such an early stage in their development be so prepared for the industry with a voice that's so needed." Mila J lends sultry sounds with her vocals, as only she could in making this collaboration a perfect union of rap and r&b. This power-duo is brought full circle with the production of Good Life Music Group’s resident producer T Black The Hitmaker whom has also had a huge year, which included the production of Immature’s latest record “Let Me Find Out”. Issa and Good Life are closing out the year with the release of “Like You” in order to set the stage for an even bigger 2015.

Contact: Twitter: @IssaIam Instagram: IssaIam Website:

[Mixtape] The Florida Classic 2K14 (Hosted By Issa & Bigga Rankin)

[Mixtape] The Florida Classic 2K14 (Hosted By Issa & Bigga Rankin)

Team Bigga Rankin, Team Watch Me Work, Good Life Music Group, and Good Times Hot 100 DJS present "The Florida Classic 2k14"mixtape hosted by Issa and Bigga Rankin with mixing by DJ Winn"The Florida Classic 2k14"mixtape stars Famous Kid BrickCool Amerika,Roxxanne Montana, and more. It is sure to have the streets buzzing and trunks knocking all weekend. Pick up your hard copies this weekend only in Orlando, Florida. Executive Producer Kingpin of The Promo Vatican in association with Breezy of Breezy Says & The Bigg DM of DMJ Music Group.
floridaclassic  1
classic back cover
Florida Classic QRCode

[Mixtape] Lynx Legacy (@Lynx_Legacy) - Asset to the Streets

[Mixtape] Lynx Legacy (@Lynx_Legacy) - Asset to the Streets

[Video] Wilo (@Wilo305) - Chevrolets Big Blades

Wilo (@Wilo305) releases the video for his breakout single, Chevrolets Big Blades. This track is a tribute to what the American made riders of Dade County drive through the city of Miami.
Connect w/ Wilo Twitter: @Wilo305 Instagram: Wilo305

[Single] Mafi Boyz (@Playboi_C, @TyDiggie, @akaDBoyG) - My Word

Fresh off the significant impact of their debut single "OCD", Carolina's MaFi Boyz are back at it again with another hood banger "My Word". Showcasing the gritty tone of Ty Diggie, "My Word" is a street banger demonstrating the mind state of individuals that do what it takes to win and keep it 100 at the same time. A dark sonic landscape crafted by Tony Snarez, "My Word" by MaFi Boyz is a song representing the lifestyle of the grinders driven by loyalty. With veteran Playboi C (debut single "Water Whip") and D.Boy G rounding out the vocal performances, "My Word" is another offering from Blacklist Hustle for those identify with and respect the street mentality.

Contact: Playboi C:
Twitter @Playboi_C | IG @PlayboiC4
Ty Diggie:
Twitter @TyDiggie | IG @TyDiggie
D.Boy G:
Twitter @akaDBoyG| IG @akaDBoyG

Artist Spotlight on Cross (@Dcross23)

Who is Cross


Born in June 5th, 1990 Davion Deshawn Cross was the seventh of eight children and unlike many others, at the beginning had a stable structure. In a two-parent household this young black man had, what may sound crazy, a step up on the area he would be raised. He would be able to see a man support his family as oppose to seeing his mother struggle to raise him and his siblings alone.

That so called step up would all change one day coming home from church. The family would find a letter from their father revealing he had left them to fend for themselves. Unknowing to Davion that’s the day he became Cross.

The strength he would see in his mother, the loyalty from his brothers, the love and the protection he had for his little sister would eventually prove to make him the man he would eventually become. There still would be growing pains.

Read Full Bio [Here]

Current Single "Am to Pm"

“Am to the PM”, produced by super producer Ensayne Wayne, begins a future of unlimited potential. Check it out now

Upcoming Project "CrossRoads"

The first album under Cliffhanger, with production from Drumma Boy, Ensayne Wayne, J-Dot and much more, will be rightly entitled Cross Roads.


Connect w/ Cross

IG: kingmecross | Twitter: Dcross23

Booking email:

Booking contact: