MMMRadioBrasil is one of many pages under Breezy Says Marketing Group LLC, we offer a variety of service to help you grow as a business or artist. Here we have highlighted some of the more popular packages for our online radio campaigns. Feel free to contact us for more options. We offer everything from magazine slots, graphics, web design and more.

Some of our popular packages for Radio Placement with promo

Slot in MMM radio brasil semi permanent rotation: $10.00p/song

One-Week Promo

this option give you a full week of twitter blasts, a campaign, and a 30-min interview on the live show (including your music in rotation for a full month)

three-week promo $60.00

this will give you the same but you get upgraded to one-month twitter blasts and an entire (2-hour) listening party on the live show and feature on the website

mixtape option

exact same as the three-week promo, but you get placement on my upcoming mixtape and an international mixtape coming out of Canada.

these are my top four options for online promo, but we do have more packages for artists that have a higher budget and are ready for a massive push. We can build you a package depending on your personal needs.

email for a consultation, we will work with your budget, but please have a budget. (none of these services are free)