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Sharoyce Antwan "MONEY HUNGRY" Single | @hoodunitedent

Checkout Sharoyce Antwan latest single, "MONEY HUNGRY".

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Artist: Sharoyce Antwan | Title: MONEY HUNGRY
Versions: Radio - Explicit - Instrumental
Producer: John Qwest | BPM: 82 | kbps: 320
Contact: Frequency Seymour @ | Label: HoodUnited Ent.
Connect w/ Sharoyce Antwan:


Hailing from Boston, Ma, Dezzy Chamberland is an up and Artist with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable narratives. Dezzy Chamberland is influenced by critically acclaimed artists like Lil wayne, Fabolous, Dababy, and Tory Lanez and the Artist’s music journey began at a tender age rapping and singing, which eventually spurred him to pursue his passion for music. Dezzy Chamberland wrote his first song at the impressive age of only 11 years old and caught the music bug ever since. Dezzy Chamberland is greatly inspired by real life experiences and hardships which greatly influences him as an artist and his writing style. He ingeniously presents a fresh new perspective with his unique brand of music consisting of a distinctive blend of various styles, reaching out to a plethora of different listeners from all walks of life. The resourceful artist also has a unique innate competency to ingeniously put together idiosyncratic sounds and words, creating high aptitude word play and breathtaking music, all while maintaining a consistent brand.

Dezzy Chamberland has already released multiple well-received albums like Blackout Gods Last Immortal, The DC Ep, The Lost Files, Goon Season Freestyles vol 1, Nylah EP, and Nylah Deluxe . Dezzy Chamberland has had a lot of success with songs like 911, Mad At Me, and 1 Hunnit Ft Tory Lanez.


Karizma "Big Memphis" Video | @karizma62b Prod Tk On Da Beat

Karizma releases new video "Big Memphis", which was shot by @iamgotti4k. The single "Big Memphis" brings in production by @trapkelly901_ and was mixed by @heybucknasty. "Big Memphis" is from the forthcoming album "Hustle & Motivate".

Connect w/ Karizma:
Twitter: @karizma62b
Instagram: karizma62b

Spotlight on Tayalisa

Tayalisa from the web series Unfinished Business.

In the mini-series, she plays the role of La-Shay. She is also a brand ambassador. Unfinished Business is an American crime drama web series set in Philadelphia.

Follow Tayalisa on Instagram: itstayalisa

More on Tayalisa:
A mesmerizing upcoming female actress, Tayalisa from the city of Philadelphia, is a passionate artist who has longed for the stage from her early childhood days. Her appetite for showbiz is clearly reflected in her work as she has proved herself a phenomenal female co-host in an upcoming music video titled, ‘Street Sounds Video Show.’ Being the eldest child of her family, she is filled with the courage and enough knowledge to take the potential complications of urban life into her hands. The girl has got a humorous attitude and yet a bit of self-discipline.

One of her notable works includes an American crime drama web series titled, ‘Unfinished Business’ where Tayalisa is playing the role of La-Shay. She has put in all the hard work and dedication in the series that were required to make it successful. The producer and the co-producer, Michael Braxton and Get Money Filmz, are excited to share it with the lovers of the crime genre. Working in a show like Unfinished Business reflects how Tayalisa herself feels about the fraudulent people being in authoritative positions.

The web series reflects how some communities in America suffer social injustice after being trapped in the game of deadly drug gangs supported by the police force. And the city of Philadelphia is notorious for the drug market that collectively makes it more relevant for Tayalisa to take such a role for her upcoming web series.

$hadow "Foreshadow" Album

Honing a decidedly fresh style and classic hip-hop magic in his voice, rapper $hadow is set to offer fantastic creations that lay bare his strong persona and energy.

As a maker of catchy hip-hop music, artist $hadow delves into the realities of his life and other intriguing things to curate his songs that hit at one instance. The talented musician follows no rules to dictate his authority on the genre and effortlessly comes up with new styles and sounds to solidify his reputation. By quickly redirecting things to the positive shade, the artist has tried his hands at experimentation, and it's beyond refreshing to hear the rapper trying something so off-center. Signing in 2021 on a good note, the artist has recently dropped two songs that are not-so-typical of his style but sound significantly impressive.

Please Baby and ‘500 Benz are the two soundtracks that chalk out his flexibility to play with tunes and the rapper never ends with repeating the same chord twice. His energy is infectious and the artist has completely flipped his style in the second record to pick up a more harmonious ambiance. The killer kick drums, the catchy lyrics, and the classic hip-hop beat orientation; everything keeps the song fresh and appealing. The artist confidently flaunts his uniqueness and shows that he is capable of more than just rapping by injecting effective expression in between.

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$hadow connects for his honesty and the clear mixing of his unique features with the melodic hooks keeps the listeners invested in his flawless offerings. Both the songs ‘Please Baby’ and ‘500 Benz’ bridge the gap between melodic rapping and gritty hip-hop. The rapper impresses with the engaging use of verses and his softer yet crisp hip-hop tempo hints towards his brilliancy in the genre. Follow him on Spotify for more details.