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[Video] Microwave ft. Mars The MC - Who You Are

Who You Are ft. Mars The MC off Microwave's "No Maintenance" and "Best Of Microwave Vol. 3" and Mars' "Back To Work". The video stars the First Lady of Outer Limits Aleena "Ms. Diamond" Sadler.

Get Familiar w/ Mars The MC

MarsTheMC (born Demaris Jamelle Hargett on April 12, 1988) is an American rapper and producer from Trenton, North Carolina. Mars began rapping at age 16 during his junior year of high school. It began as a hobby but later turned d into a passion when he graduated the following year. He began producing during the summer of 2008 when he dropped out of college. Always a tan of soul music, his sound initially was based around sample based Hip-Hop. Since then he has experimented with other elements of music, yet still bringing his heartfelt approach to the table. His past projects include one mixtape (The Semester Off Mixtape) and two EP’s (The Launch & Back To Work). Mars currently has a mixtape out entitled “From Couches 2 Condos” which symbolizes his journey to become an established artist in the game. Although many look for riches and fame, Mars has his eyes set on being the voice for the little guy. Safe to say this small kid has big city dreams.

LATEST PROJECT: "From Couches 2 Condos"





Get Familiar w/ Microwave

LATEST PROJECT: "The Boxcar Chronicles"





[Mixtape] Madoff (@550Madoff) - Street Kingz

Madoff (@550Madoff), Paper trail CEO is definitely a Street King with royalty​ to prove it. I absolutely salute his grind. Coming home only 2 years ago from doing nearly 5yrs in prison,he immediately got on the road with his family "Freebandz Future" and began getting a feel for the industry. 

In less than 6months, 550 was in the studio recording tracks turning his reality into lyrics. Freebandz Casino wasted no time collaborating with his "la familia" on more than 5 songs This guy is the real deal, royal in his own fashion. Enjoy this mixtape it is the 1st of many and stays on replay with me! My favorite songs are Ready 2 Ride, (video below) , I Hustle, & Grindin Hard!

Checkout The "Ready 2 Ride" Video ft Casino

[Video] TK N Cash - Mind Right

Signed to the DTP record label, Darien Townsend, whose stage name is C.A.$.H., and Tevin Thompson whose stage name it T.K., are l “Disturbing The Peace” throughout the music industry. Both T.K. and C.A.$.H. caught my attention one Monday at the New Music Monday with my team. I was invited to be apart of their very 1st major video for single "Mind Right" with the likes of DC Young Fly and comedian Buck Wild. Check it out below, afterwards make sure and watch video and check out my cameo!


[Submitted By MissAtown]
Contact Miss Atown today:

T.I. Leaves Yung Joc With Outrageous Bar Tab In LA

Rapper Yung Joc recently sat down with to talk food, drinks, and hip hop. In this clip, he describes a very expensive encounter at a bar in a boutique hotel in LA with fellow Atlanta rapper T.I. and the owners of Atlanta-based Huff Furniture Who knew 3 rounds of drinks could cost so much?

[Single] Jo'Rodeo - Billy

Jo’Rodeo is a Chicago native, home prominent hip hop artists including Kanye West, Common, Twista and Lupe Fiasco. He brings a hardcore southern mix-style sound to the Chicago scene. He thrives on delivering messages pertaining to his lifestyle, struggles and personal experiences.

[Video] Cola Fox (@MsColaFox) ft Infared Lewis - Get Paid

Cola Fox a hot new artist spreading her wings in the music industry. She is no stranger to the business because she is a print model and have been on big screen on VH 1 Single Ladies with Lisa Raye. Stay tuned for this hot new artist Cola Fox.. COMING SOON TO ITUNES AND GOOGLE PLAY. TWITTER: @MSCOLAFOX

[Video] Miz Maf (@MizMAF) - Act Right Dir. by @4EverChion off

off @Rapcine Compilation Album "Find Your Inspiration"

Click [Here] To Download Album

In the clip for the Philly MC's latest banger, he drops words of wisdom for the younger generation to abide by, and he also provides a visual that was inspired by one of Ice Cube's most iconic music videos.

About a month and a half after unveiling the video for "That White" featuring fellow Philadelphia rapper Freeway, Miz MAF returns with his latest banger, “Act Right.” Throughout the hypnotic track, produced by Mello Dee Beats, Double M uses his energetic pinpoint flow to masterfully emphasize the message of coming correct in the streets.

The MC accomplishes that with sharp, direct, and fairly-repetitive lines that'll stay on the brain for days, like with the rhyme, "When you out there doin' your thing, you better make sure you're true to the game / 'Cause when you're out there fuckin' the game up, the game gonna fuck up your name."

As a product, and veteran, of the streets, Miz MAF feels its his responsibility to pass along these gems of knowledge.

"It's a play on conscience, [like] just act right when you out here living life," he says. "I took some of my everyday real life scenarios and played 'em out in [an] open-ended form, like if people [were] me or were in these situations, what would you do? You better act right!"

He continues, "I'm from the streets, so I had to inspire the people the only way I knew how -- through what I've been through in the streets."

In the video above, Miz MAF is in the streets of Philadelphia, and later a recording studio, performing the song, all while visually telling a story of young gangsters making fraudulent and deceptive deals, which later comes back to haunt them.

Also, there is a man standing outside a convenience store holding cardboard signs which read "WILL RAP FOR LIKES," thus adding a clever and sly incorporation of Facebook, and perhaps on a deeper level, real life, acceptance.

Truth be told, the idea for the treatment was sparked by a trio of 90s west coast hip-hop artists.

"The actual visual concept came from Ice Cube's video 'True To The Game,' in which all day he [was] going around trunking people who [were] being frauds and not true," Miz MAF explains. "Also, I mixed in a lil' bit of Dr. Dre and Snoop's video for "Dre Day," [as] both [their video and Ice Cube's] had an 'exposing the fake' feel to it, which is what my song calls for."

[Single] YFN Lucci (@YFNLucci) ft Skool Boy - I Wonder Why

YFN Lucci (@YFNLucci), fresh off the release and success of intro record "Patience" (from his mixtape debut “Wish Me Well”) has come right back to feed the streets. “Never has an indie artist intro caused so much anticipation and buzz, YFN Lucci is bringing something fresh to the ‘commonly’ done street record”, says Bigga Rankin. Skool Boy joins YFN Lucci for his new release "I Wonder Why" and this track proves again why Think It's A Game Records has another hit. Based in Atlanta, YFN Lucci recently went on a promotional tour in major Florida markets with Bigga Rankin and was greeted in a massive way by the DJ's, fans, and tastemakers. On this new record YFN Lucci is asking the question "I Wonder Why", but we don't have to 'Wonder Why' he is the artist to watch. Press play, DOWNLOAD, and be amongst the first to support this 2015 Rookie of the Year.

Contact: Facebook YOUTUBE

[Single] Bo Kane (@bokaneamc) - Ballin

Dallas, TX Kingpin Bo Kane (@bokaneamc) of AMC music is back with another club banger from his upcoming Street Album "No Mercy" The D Rich produced banger, 'Ballin' is already burning up the streets in Dallas.

Artist Spotlight on Samuel Vaden (@SirVaden)

VADEN (real name Samuel Vaden) is a Music Artist/Songwriter/Poet and a Model/Actor from Los Angeles, CA.

Samuel was born outside of Atlanta, GA to a French-Canadian, professionally-trained vocal performer mother and a military officer father from Texas, Raised primarily in Newport News, VA, with stints in Washington, DC, NYC, Miami and Atlanta, Samuel absorbed the culture, diversity, music identity and rhythm of each of these cities to create his own sound and personal style.

Over the course of two and half decades, Samuel has gained unique life experiences that have refined his music, songwriting, poetry, modeling, acting and entrepreneurial endeavors. From serving in the US Army at West Point, to cooking authentic Jamaican food for 3 years under Ralph Lauren's personal chef, to traveling extensively to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Spain, St. Marteen and Canada, to selling real estate in Miami, FL & Los Angeles, CA, to co-founding a company in Silicon Beach (Santa Monica, CA), to modeling for TOMS and Boris Khjoe on the Kris Jenner show, appearing in a Justin Timberlake video and much more.

His life is literally fodder for books, movie scripts and music. He hopes to bring that "mosaic" of life experiences to the masses as well as to record label/management agency where he can be a real triple threat - creating amazing music (artist/publishing), booking modeling/acting gigs (TV/Film/Commercial) and developing business/entrepreneurial opportunities. He is also a luxury real estate professional and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA and Miami, FL.
His first push is the release of his first single "Poppin' The Ground".

Checkout his music here:
Link up with him on social networks:

[Single] Young Trajik (@YOUNGTRAJIK) ft. @FLYESTWHITEGUY - Bout That Life + Video

Young Trajik (@YOUNGTRAJIK) releases "Bout That Life which is the lead single from his EP album, "BANGMODE MUSIC". The track features fellow Ohio Hip hop artist B.Rich and is produced by Nate C. out of Dayton, Ohio. This track has the edginess and street grit appealing to the clubs while the catchy hook and witty lyrics are sure to have everybody reciting them and bobbing their heads to this bass driven hit! The song was released digitally in 2013.

Connect w. Young Trajik

[Video] Franchize (@FranchizeSC) ft Q. Valentine - Never Goin Broke

Franchize (@FranchizeSC) feat. Q Valentine "Never Goin Broke" produced by Platinum producer Dirty Bird video Directed by G visuals
Mixed and Mastered by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Buck 3000
Label: Scamway Entertainment

[Single] Fusway (@iamfusway) - Right Now

Fusway (@iamfusway) pronounced foo-sway, born and raised out of ATL, fell in love with music at the young age of 15. During this transition from group to solo act, Fusway was able find his style, “his lane”. Having learned his lessons over the years, going through trials and errors, he is now ready to be thrust into the spotlight and give his fans his story! Today we present his latest track "Right Now", support it by purchasing it on iTunes.

Click [HERE] to purchase track on iTunes.

Connect w/ Fusway
Twitter: @iamfusway
IG: iamfusway

[Single] Jomor Swift (@JomorSwift) - Relentless

So my ears been to the street I hear about this kid that doing this kind of Soul/trap music thing so I meet with the kid and his story's crazy. He used to go by DJ Swift but he had to stop doing because he broke his back so he was bed ridden for a year. While he was bed ridden he couldn't dj so he learned how to make beats and rap. His brother built him a studio in the backyard so he produced this album called Genesis because after almost losing your life and starting over in music this artist thing is a new beginning like the first book in the bible.

K. Crump - "I Ain't Scared"


"I Ain't Scared"

Click Here to Stream & Download

k crump
Detroit hip-hop emcee K. Crump shares his latest single "I Ain't Scared" off the upcoming album Where the Wild Things Are available for pre-order on iTunes. Listen & download the song below:
BET Black College Tour Freestyle Competition
Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 3.28.11 PM "Who Got The Best B.M.F. Freestyle" (#1)
Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 3.37.34 PM
#1 Top 10 Underground Rappers In Detroit
Instagram: IAMKCRUMP
More Info on Ms Rivercity Services Visit:
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Exclusive In-Studio Interview w/ Ghetto The Plug (@GhettoThePlug)

Street Politicians got the opportunity to sit down in the studio and catch up with Ghetto The Plug. In this footage you can see and hear his passion, his plans, and his goals for the future. Ghetto The Plug has been at this for a while and doesn't seem to want to slow down anytime soon. He discusses his previous collaborations, as well as new ones, which include working with Johnny Cinco and Cap 1. Press Play and check out the entire video.

If you still haven't heard his new "Money Power Respect" single, which features Cap 1, get familiar today.

[Single] K. CRUMP (@IAMKCRUMP) - I Ain't Scared

Detroit hip-hop emcee K. Crump shares his latest single "I Ain't Scared" off the upcoming album Where the Wild Things Are available for pre-order on iTunes. Listen & download the song below:

Connect w/ K Crump
Instagram: IAMKCRUMP
Business Inquiries: / 313-870-8810

[Single] Stacey P (@Iamstaceyp) - Loaded

Stacey P (@Iamstaceyp) is from Atlanta, Georgia and grew up on the westside better known as "Bankhead", as well as "Flatland". He grew up listening to a lot of Southern rap music such as; Pastor Troy, ludacris, 8 Ball, 3six mafia lil Jon, shop boys and T.I. which kept him hype. He has always had major love for music, but he didn't start off rapping. He wanted to write poems and share them with everyone, until he was introduced to making music. Stacey P learned how to play the piano at 12 and began playing songs by ear, then he started playing drums. By the time he was in high school he was making beats from a Yamaha keyboard at home. At that point he started to take his music seriously. Seeing that there was a lot of competition he became discouraged and fell back on music, that was until he ran across a few friends (Rob Hunter & Cassius Cain) that believed in his art and were willing to help him push myself. Along with a few come ups and hustles of he own he was able to finance his own studio time and engineering, soon after he began to make song after song until he came up with "They Like" ft Hustle Montana and that is truly where the journey began.

Connect w/ Stacey P
Instagram: @iAmStaceyP
Twitter: @iAmStaceyP
Contact/Booking Email:

[Trailer] 3C (@3C478) - The Story of Insanity Pt. 2

3C (@3c478), originally born in Forsyth,Georgia but now residing in Washington DC, is gearing up for the release of his mixtape entitled "The Story Of Insanity Pt.2". This project is hosted by DJ 7Thirty and it chronicles a lot of what is going on in the world today. Checkout the preview trailer below and prepare yourself for the release of a mixtape that is bound to talk on some ugly truths, in a beautiful way.
Cannady Multimedia Choppa for trailer. Connect w/ 3c on his official website

[Mixtape] Rob E Fresh (@ROB_E_FRESH) - Carolina Codeine

Rob E Fresh (@ROB_E_FRESH) releases new mixtape "Carolina Codeine", showcasing his talents as a dj and presenting listeners with the latest "drug" in the streets of Carolina. This mixtape is exclusively available on and is presented by BlackList Hustle, Reign Supreme DJs, and Team Bigga Rankin.

[Single] Calvin McGriff (@Calvinmcgriff) - Shawty Can Dance

Calvin McGriff Jr. (@CalvinMcGriff) was born on August 19th, 1996. At a young age he always he knew he had a connection with music. Around the age of ten he began listening to a James Brown C.D. and he enjoyed what he heard. By the time Calvin was thirteen years old, he was doing cover songs of Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Bruno Mars, and many other artists who inspired him. When Calvin turned fifteen years old he knew that he wanted pursue music as a career. He began recording cover songs of artists and writing his own material as well. He eventually signed his first music contract with Tate Music Group, a label out of Mustang, Oklahoma. Calvin McGriff then entered the studio and began working on his album, Rock the Mic. Music has always been an important part of Calvin’s life. He hopes with his music, he can share his message with the world.

Click [HERE] To Stream "Shawty Can Dance"

Via Concorde ENT

[Single] Travis Porter (@TravisPorter) - Faster

Travis Porter (@TravisPorter) takes it back to the clubs with another record that is going to get the girls moving! Team Bigga Rankin and Street Execs are putting the monster machine behind it. Support it Today!

Connect w/ Law

[Single] Bankroll Fresh (@1YUNGFRESH) - Hot Boy + VIDEO

Street Execs releases track "Hot Boy" by Bankroll Fresh (@1YUNGFRESH), which has picked up clout, we are here to make sure you all have it.

[Single] Columbia BT (@ColumbiaBT) ft Rich Homie Quan - She Crazie

Columbia BT (@ColumbiaBT) is gearing up for the release of his mixtape Guadalajara Rich, which is hosted by Bigga Rankin, DJ Scream, and DJ Winn. "She Crazie" is his latest record and fts Rich Homie Quan.


[Video] Raaddrr Van (@Raaddrr) - Black Naussius

From Da Classic Booth Mic Lyric's 2005 Album

[Single] Ghetto The Plug (@GhettoThePlug) ft @RichieCap1 - Money Power Respect

This week an Ohio artist has been ripping the streets of Atlanta, from Saturday Night Live with me, to Underground Hype Sundays with Dj Funky, straight to New Music Mondays with The Coalition Djs Atlanta. ​Veteran rap artist, Ghetto the Plug is "Back 2 Work!" and still refusing to bow down. He continues to make music to appeal to the streets and is still pushing to “make the word ‘real’ mean something again”. Ghetto returns stronger and more focused than ever as he continues to use his raw brand of realism to bring his music to the world. Ghetto collaborates with Cap 1 on his latest release “Money, Power, Respect” as he shows everyone what he came to do in the music industry.

[Mixtape] Kevin Gates (@Kevin_Gates) & Various Artists - #DempWeek 18 Soundtrack

DJ Demp (@DJDemp) has put his staple on the city of Tallahassee, Florida. DJ Demp celebrates his birthday with a week's worth of events that bring out the big names in music. This year marks the 18th year anniversary of this celebration. The headliner of Demp Week this year is none other than Mr. I Don't Get Tired, Kevin Gates (@Kevin_Gates). During the building years, DJ Demp has teamed up w/ Bigga Rankin (@BiggaRankin00), this duo better known as "The Movie Guys"; turn all events and mixtapes in which they host, into movies. We say all this to say, the official soundtrack to Demp Week 18 is here. Press Play as Kevin Gates, DJ Demp, and Bigga Rankin take you through a non-stop adventure.

[Single] Ray Illa (@RayIlla) ft. @DreezyDreezy - Loyalty

[Via #StackOrStarve Approved]
1st release & lead single from Chicago native & mc Ray Illa, from the new EP entitled "Situations". This track features a verse from Chicago's hottest female emcee & Newest Interscope Signee "Dreezy" as well as production from C Sick.

Stream & Download Below:

[Audio] AC (@Ac_1804) - Benjamins

(Prod by Kid Flash)
Okay perfect.
Booking email:
IG: Ac_1804
Twitter: Ac_1804
Facebook: Ac YFN

[Video] E-Major (@EMajorLC) ft. @MollKush - Love Drugs

Music video by E-Major feat. Moll Kush performing Love Drugs. 2014 ©: Loud Cru

Directed By Devin Johnson | @DevinJMedia
Produced By E-Major | IG/Twitter: @EMajorThePro / @EMajorLC

Follow Us On Instagram
@EMajorThePro | @MollKush

[Video] Makcash (@Makcashlcdon1) ft @EMAJORLC - Money Come First

Loudcru ent
Pro. By E Major
Video shot by @knoeffort

[Vlog] Miz Maf (@MizMAF) On Set W/ Press

Miz MAF sits down with Chion Press after filming the video for ‘Act Right’ to discuss his latest work and some future endeavors.

[Single] YFN Lucci @YFNLucci) ft @BiggaRankin00 - Patience

Spotlight on Think It's A Game artist "YFN Lucci"


As one of Atlanta’s fastest rising Hip-Hop stars and newest signee to Think It’s A Game Records (TIG), YFN Lucci has burst onto the rap scene with an undeniably addicting sound that simply can’t be ignored. With new music on the way featuring Rich Homie Quan, Lucci’s rise to fame is only just beginning.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, YFN Lucci grew up listening to the likes of Tupac, the Hot Boys, Ja Rule, Dipset, Lil’ Wayne and Fabolous. Motivated by his older brother and rapper “K,” YFN Lucci discovered his own musical talent at age 16 and started developing his clever pen game. A year later, he connected with fellow Atlanta rap artist Johnny Cinco who encouraged YFN Lucci to take his talents seriously and get in the studio. Click [Here] For Full Bio.

[Single] YFN Lucci ft Bigga Rankin - Patience


Patience is a virtue, but nothing comes to a dreamer but a dream. Bigga Rankin let's YFN Lucci know it's his time to take it because nobody is going to give him anything. YFN Lucci drops vocals that fit perfectly with the production provided by The Order.YFN Lucci delivers on "Patience" with much ease, as he speaks on real-life situations and gives you just enough to wonder what else he has to offer. Bigga Rankin is known to pick and choose winning records and YFN Lucci proves us why the streets A&R got behind "Patience".

Join us today as Think It's A Game presents YFN Lucci ft Bigga Rankin "Patience".