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[Single] Young Greatness (@YoungGreatness7) ft Yo Gotti - Real Ni66as Back

Young Greatness (@YoungGreatness7) releases latest record with @YoGottiKOM titled "Real Ni66as Back". Catch Young Greatness on the StreetNGreet tour w/ Bigga Rankin.

Connect w/ Young Greatness: Website: Twitter: @YoungGreatness7 Instagram: YoungGreatness7

[Single] Bronko (@breezybronko) - Flex

DJ Enferno introduces new track by Bronko titled "Flex." Support and Feedback is appreciated.

Connect w/ Bronko: Twitter: @BreezyBronko IG: B.Bronko

[Single] Code G (@1CodeG) - Monies

Code G (@1CodeG) releases the self-produced "Monies" via Pru Records and Team Bigga Rankin. This is a must add to mixes and mixtapes all around. Feedback and support is greatly appreciated.

Connect w/ Code G: Instagram: @1CodeG Twitter: @1CodeG Facebook:

[Video] Lil Ronny MothaF (@LilRonnyMothaF) ft MykFresh & Yung Nation - Circle (Throw That Ass In A Circle)

FamLife Entertainment, LLC presents "Circle" (Throw That Ass In A Circle) official video from @LilRonnyMothaF feat. @MykFresh & @YungNation. Directed by / @a_m_visuals Booking: / Social Media: LilRonnyMothaF / iTunes: / 'Circle' Clothing:

[Video] Benjii ft Million - Juug

[Video] Bk Cashmere - So Much Pain

Brooklyn stand up be on the look for the new wave from Bk Cashmere. He is bringing that consciousness back to music with his hit single"So Much Pain" is the 2nd Single off BK Cashmere's [DOPE] "Ready 2 Live" Album. (Prod by DJ B ORIGINAL || DIRECTED BY BIG LYRIK ENT). You can expect alot from this upandcoming star. Free your mind.
Download "Ready2Live" : on iTunes
Download "Ready2Live" : on Datpiff
Download "So Much Pain": FREE

[Video] Ice Cold Jay - Passport

Jason, “Ice Cold Jay” Allen is an American rapper from Muskegon Heights, MI He grew up in one of the toughest parts of the city and was easily drawn to the streets. Jay habitually found himself getting in trouble as a youth. His mom decided that a change of atmosphere would be best for him to refrain from any more problems. His family moved to Oklahoma City where he attended high school. In high school he discovered his love for rap music. He began to rap in the cypher on the block and freestyle with friends all the time. He was given the name Ice Cold Jay from his friends who always made mention of how cold-blooded he was with his freestyle. He also began playing sports and received a basketball scholarship to California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California While in college, Jay grew skilled enough to play professionally overseas for 3 years. After a career ending injury, Ice Cold Jay had no choice but to return to Oklahoma City. It was then he realized he had to go back to what he loved — making hot music. In a smart business move he decided to move to Music City – Nashville, TN to pursue his dream of being a legitimate rap artist. He started hustling and networking and is now one of the biggest hip hop acts in the city. Ice Cold Jay’s music catalog currently consists of 3 mixtapes: Certified For a Reason, The Preheat, and The Re-Heat (hosted by DJ Jones).Ice Cold Jay recently released his Debut Album Passport which can be found on itunes. Currently, Ice Cold Jay is poised to become a kingpin in the rap game by consistently releasing hip hop music, hosting parties, launching his own liquor company "Maehs Gin", and is now CEO of an urban entertainment Comglomerate "Team Certified". He recently joined forces with B&B Marketing/Management

[Single] Lil STL (@LilSTL) - Dog World​

Lil STL (@LilSTL) drops his latest track "Dog World" as he continues to tour major cities alongside Bigga Rankin as one of the main artists on the Street N Greet tour.

Connect w/ Lil STL Twitter: @LilSTL Instagram: LilSTL

[Single] Siddy Rich (@IAmSiddyRich) - Straight Like That

Siddy Rich (@IamSiddyRich) Haitian-born rapper/ label CEO, Via his aptly titled record label Voodoo Music, he has been holding true to his mystical, magical religious roots and hypnotizing fans with his debut single “Str8 Like Dat.” With the lead single as one of the many main ingredients, Siddy is cooking up a creative musical concoction in the studio for the Fall release of his forthcoming mixtape Rich City.

In preparation for the Fall release of his forthcoming mixtape Rich City, he has been riding off the success of his newest single “Str8 Like Dat” and B-side single “Hundred Thousand,” both produced by B.S.M.G. (or Beat Starz Music Group; Plies, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy).

On the “Str8 Like Dat,” the young Zoe balls out of control over monstrous, mid-tempo production accented by hard-hitting bass and snare competing with smooth synthesizers and Siddy swagging on the verses.

“My music is made to inspire and educate those who may be unfamiliar with the Kreyol people,” Siddy explains. “The best rap music in my opinion is a reflection of the ones who made it. And my music is a clear reflection of me.”

Connect w/ Siddy Rich Website: Twitter: @iamsiddyrich Instagram: iamsiddyrich Facebook:

[Mixtape] Yung Blayze (@Yung_Blayze) - Leader Of The New Nation

Yung Blayze (@Yung_Blayze) - Leader Of The New Nation

Team Bigga Rankin presents: Yung Blayze "Leader Of The NEW NATION' WRNR hosted by Bigga Rankin & Powered by Breezy says, Cool Running Djs, Core Djs, Coast2coast Djs and The Promo Vatican

[Mixtape] Pac Man Simp (@PacManSimp) - Say Goodbye To The Nice Guy

Grindin Til Death Ent & Team Bigga Rankin Presents:
Pac Man Simp
Say Goodbye To The Nice Guy
Hosted By Bigga Rankin & Core Dj Cube

[Mixtape] Prophit (@DirtyWorksENT) - The Cuban Connect

Prophit (@DirtyWorksENT) teams up w/ KrunchOne to show the world what it really happens when Miami and Cuba connect. Prophit and his team Dirty Works ENT have been grinding for a longtime coming and with "The Cuban Connect", they aim to take things to the next level. Listen, download, support, and share today via Street Connect DJS.

[Mixtape] Da Cloth (@DaClothMusic) - Salute The Few

Via @StackOrStarvDJS
A group of brave hearted emcees from upstate NY (Rochester N.Y.) team up with DJ M-80 to bring you a mind blowing mixtape.

Follow @DaClothMusic & @DJM80 on twitter and stay posted for future releases.

[Single] Toni Valli (@Toni_Valli) - Been Had

Toni Valli (@Toni_Valli) continues to push his status as one of Michigan's breakout artists with his "Been Had" record. "Been Had" brings in production from super producers Luney Tunez and the video is on its way. Stay Tuned and in the meantime download the track and support this artist.

Connect w/ Toni Valli Twitter: @Toni_Valli Instagram: Toni_Valli

[Mixtape] Nessacary (@Nessacary) - By Any Means Nessacary Reloaded

Nessacary (@NessaCary), Born Gwenneisa Lillard from Cleveland Ohio, is a female Rapper/singer/song writer. Her edgy lyrics and self confidence sets her apart from the rest. Now a Houston Texas resident, she has connected with rap pioneer T Farris and Er entertainment. In 2014, she dropped a mixtape under ER entertainment entitled "By any means NessaCary" filled with her signature sound compiled by edgy lyrics and fun concepts. Now she is doubling back with her latest mixtape entitled "By Any Means NessaCary Reloaded", hosted by Bigga Rankin, Tampa Mystic and DJ Hypnotique.

Connect w/ Nessacary: Website: Twitter: @nessacary Instagram: nessacary

[Video] NAKAYA (@Nakaya24) - AYO

Nakaya is a New York native, born and raised in Queens. Coming from a church going family, Nakaya pronounced
(nuh-kai-yuh) showed an interest in music at a very young age, playing the drums and singing in his church’s choir at age five and rapping at age twelve. It wasn’t until high school that he began to combine his vocal talent with his rhyming skills and developed a sound all his own.
Once he did, Nakaya formed a group and began doing shows and making appearances across the east coast. Following a 3 1/2 year stretch in prison, along with dealing with the obstacles of life, and the disbandment of his group, Nakaya rose from the difficulties a new man. Nakaya aka “The Prince of Queens” obtained a greater hunger for his music, and a stronger drive towards success. Never losing the faith that his lyrical talent and singing abilities were gifts meant to be heard, he began formulating a unique movement, surrounded by a likeminded team, grounded in hard work and anchored in fearless determination. Nakaya wants to be known as more than just a successful performer and artist. He has plans of delving into the business sector, with the ultimate goal of doing outreach in his community, and beyond. Nakaya is a force to be reckoned with as he creates unique music and catchy hooks. Compelled by an incredible passion for music, and backed by undeniable talent, “The Prince of Queens” is heavy on his grind refusing to take failure as an option.

[Video] GlobalNotLocal (@GlobalNotLocal) - Back 2 One

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—These days Global Not Local’s music career has reached a whole new milestone. His two new music videos, “The Way It Go” and “Back 2 One” have been viewed nearly 200,000 times on YouTube.

“I was surprised by how many people liked the videos. I look forward to not disappointing people,” stated Global Not Local. “It’s certainly not going to make me star struck.”

According to the talented rapper, “The Way It Go” is essentially his introduction to the world.

“I’m the star. I’m the messiah and the devil,” stated Global Not Local. “I’m not cocky but I am being boastful about who I am in the track. I just felt I needed to really let the people who are following me to have to choose whether to be fans or just walk away by letting them know who I am.”

The track also marks his first video debut. In just four weeks, nearly 60,000 people have watched the video followed which has been followed by many positive reviews.

“This is going mainstream. I love it. Pass it on!!” wrote YouTuber Sara Jarvis.

“Meek mills need to hire this dude as his ghost writer! LOL,” wrote another YouTuber.

In just two weeks, his second video, “Back 2 One,” has already been viewed more than 121,000 times. Global Not Local describes the song as just plain “chill.”

“It’s different. It’s really just me letting people know that I’m hip hop. I’m commercial. I’m pop. I’m doing everything,” he stated.

That single along with “The Way It Go” are both featured on Global Not Local’s upcoming EP titled “It’s My Pleasure.” The EP will be available to the public in September.

According to Global Not Local, it’s his upcoming single title “It’s Been Great” that he believes will ultimately earn him a Grammy.

“The hook is, ‘if I die today, shit my life is great,’” he stated. “Everything that I’ve done in my life that people either consider wrong or right, I’m laughing about it because look where I am.”

Along with being a talented hip hop artist, Global Not Local is about to add fashion designer to his title. In the fall, he will unveil his very own clothing line.

To learn more about the up-and-coming rapper, check him out on, Facebook and Twitter.

[Single] Lexz Pryde (@lexzpryde) ft @SnoopDogg - Let's Motivate

Motivate – Lexz Pryde (@lexzpryde) and @SnoopDogg Collaborate on Inspirational Anthem
It’s not every day that an emerging artist has a chance to make a song with an established music legend. Often, the opportunity can be a vehicle to help gain valuable credibility and visibility. But when a song’s theme runs parallel with an artist’s struggle, success almost seems destined. Such is the story of Motivate, the song artist Lexz Pryde envisions as “the catalyst for a movement with a mission to inspire people to pursue their dreams despite obstacles.” According to Lexz, the obstacles she had to overcome to make Motivate’s May 22nd release reality made her realize what success really is – it’s staring defeat in the face and still charging forward. It’s being told “no” so many times that you become numb to the word. This is the impact Lexz wants “Motivate” to have on listeners – you CAN achieve your dreams. The Motivate video, which features Snoop Dogg aside up-and-comers Lexz Pryde, Blade Brown, and street artist Skyler Grey (not to be confused with Holly Haffermann, aka singer Skylar Grey), is living proof that dreams can come true. “You just have to be willing to get kicked in the face a lot and still keep moving forward,” confesses Lexz. “On the set for the Motivate video in Culver City, I thought we’d finally made it. Little did I know that my will would be tested yet again. Snoop was in his trailer getting ready, when suddenly I hear screaming. Turns out that the studio manager inexplicably kicked Snoop’s best friend off of our set. Within minutes, Snoop caught wind of what had happened and stormed off the set, while my dreams came crashing down! We could’ve just given up then, returned to our hotel, and accepted our fate. Instead, we pleaded with Snoop’s manager Kevin Barkey to figure something out. We couldn’t afford to reschedule. Thankfully, Snoop invited us to finish filming at one of his compounds in LA. But time was limited, so we had to gather our resources and rush over there ASAP. And we somehow made it happen - mission accomplished! Obviously my struggle is nothing compared to what others are going through in other parts of the world. But I hope that Motivate can encourage people to share their stories of struggle & success, which will in turn inspire others.” Since Snoop himself has been transitioning creatively over the past couple of years, (his 2013 album under the moniker Snoop Lion included anti-violence messages) the timing is perfect. “I'm never able to perform in situations where I'd love to because I don't have those kinds of songs...My songs are too hard,” admitted Snoop.

Connect w/ Lyxz Pryde: Connect w/ 47th and 7th:

[Single] Bomshot (@Bomshot) - King Tut + More Media

Who is Bomshot

It only happens once in a life time when a person must strive against all odds only to emerge victorious throughout life's eminent struggles.

Rapper Bomshot (Robert Willey) came from a tough city, background in Roxbury section of Boston, Massachusetts. This is the type of neighborhood where you do what you have to do to survive and grind out of tough, street life situations. Yet this is just the type of environment that can mold the right person, who is ready to lear and can to turn the negative into a positive. A prodigy with a vision, the desire to make major musical achievements and will not be stopped until he tastes the sweet taste of success. Bomshot is "the next big thing"! Click [Here] To Read Full Bio.

Download the hot track "King Tut"

Bomshot - King Tut artwork

Download the "RockStar" track ft Dj Khaled, French Montana & 40 Cal

Bomshot ft Dj Khaled  French Montana   40 Cal - RockStar artwork

Checkout the "Trickin" video ft Lil Scrappy & Lil Flip

Trickin Screenshot

Press Play To Watch


[Mixtape] Young Lu (@YoungLu24) - I Am The Streets

[Mixtape] Young Lu (@YoungLu24) - I Am The Streets

[Single] YFN Lucci (@YFNLucci) - Missing You

YFN Lucci (@YFNLucci) continues to drop banger after banger and stays consistent with pushing his product in the street. Today we release the latest "Missing You" via Team Bigga Rankin and Think Its A Game.

Contact YFN Lucci

[Video] Goonie x Ojilla - Shame On You

Kenosha, Wisconsin- Local popular artist “OJilla The Trapper”, who already claimed local fame in the early 2000s releases new video “SUPER SEXY” in anticipation of releasing his upcoming mixtape “GET RICH OR DIE TRAPPIN’.” Which will be released to explode this summer’s music scene June 2015.

Born, raised and then relocated from Harvey, IL, an south suburb of Chicago, IL, he was early on crowned as the “Hometown Favorite” of the surrounding cities of Kenosha, Racine, and Northern Illinois suburbs since the early 2000s, OJilla has always been a house whole name with his unique soulful, realist sound of hip hop street music. After an 8 year hiatus of serving prison time, after only 10 months of being home, OJilla burst back like he never left with keeping up with the times bringing his own original flow on top of up beats tempos and memorable songs that appeal to many audiences. While being entirely dedicated to his own sound and following, OJilla has reached out and collaborated, performed, and opened for many industry legends and big names such as TOO SHORT, Crucial Conflict, BG of the Cash Money Hot Boys, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Coo Coo Cal, DO or DIE, King Louie, OT Genesis just to name a few.

“OJilla The Trapper” has made nothing but solid hits and bangers to keep the traps pumping and the clubs jumping creating imagery with his lyrical stories of the streets. Being compared to Hip Hop powerhouses such as Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy for their street wise storytelling, OJilla is the new generation of bringing that old sound a facelift with staying relevant with the changes of music but standing alone with it comes to being an artist in his own lane. With the fans and streets eager to hear new music, along with the release of “Super Sexy,” OJilla has claimed popularity from videos of other songs that will appear on his upcoming mixtape such as “Talk That Yayo,” “Shame On You,” and soon to release the video to “James Harden.” THE TRAPPER has expressed that this mixtape will be his “Best work to date” and feels that he can only go harder than he has ever went before.