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Spotlight on Jonny Genuine | @jonnygenuine

Jonny Genuine was born and raised in his early years in Philadelphia. He also lived many years of his youth in New Jersey and Delaware. He started out doing music about 25 years ago as a rapper on the street corner in Philadelphia battling for position in the game. He then worked as a promoter for the group The Deadly Snakes who was signed to Tommy Boy Records, all the while learning other aspects of the industry and trying to increase his knowledge and ability to do well with his rap career. After that he traveled to Atlanta where he performed in various arenas wherever independent artists were allowed. He opened for other performers in Atlanta and Philadelphia. When he returned to Philadelphia he decided to start his own record company due to the difficulty that was going on with the industry and with getting signed at the time. He created Phillys Next and started recording many artists including some already-signed, well-known artists like Dutch from Major Figures and Kush, also Decopbo, Vega, Doc Rizza and Kraf Sheezy. He then continued to try to bring a major label idea and work ethic to the Philadelphia area by creating QuestVision Records. By becoming a label owner, Jonny Genuine expanded his role in Hip Hop and began producing music videos. Phillys Next is used as a vehicle to showcase his work and the work of other artists through media and live shows. His latest is for the single "World Of Trouble".

Jonny Genuine is still pushing and producing better music than ever and recently released a new album entitled “FEW MAKE IT”. All of Jonny Genuine's music is available for purchase in the Phillys Next store and streaming on Itunes and Spotify.

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Website: Apple:

Bravo 2.0 "A Black Man Is Not My Opps" Feature

We been dealing with racism and hate for over four hundred years now, but guess what it’s a new day and generation.

We fight and shoot back. #BlackPower

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Sardonic and Naz140 join forces on a new EP: "Open Doors"

June 2022 - Sardonic and Naz140 have two different approaches to hip-hop, yet their styles are incredibly complementary, showcasing their great energy and creative chemistry. Recently, these two budding rap talents set out to collaborate on a brand new EP named "Open Doors". This song is a big achievement for the two, and it is a great calling card to describe their work and vision. What makes "Open Doors" stand out is that the EP is very diverse. With each song, Sardonic and Naz140 took the opportunity to try new things and showcase their versatility. As a result, the sound of these tracks is catchy, but also very open-ended and creative, combining the punch and warmth that the audience would expect from the best hip-hop, with the daring mentality and forward-thinking attitude that is most commonly associated with the best alternative music out there. One of the songs, “Pain Away,” kicks off with a somber piano melody, showcasing Sardonic and Naz140’s penchant for more emotional and personal lyrics. The piano is sweet and melodic, while the 808s are big and impactful, creating a very compelling contrast. “Run It Up” has something special to it. This song might remind the audience of modern-day legends such as XXXTENTACION or Lil Uzi Vert, but with a more personal and direct touch. “Open Doors” is one of the most distinctive tracks on this release, and it is not surprising to see that this actually happens to be the title track itself! The song has a really wonderful flow to it, which brings a bass-heavy, massive beat together with some nocturnal and awe-inspiring melodies in the background. Sardonic and Naz140 brought their best game on this one, so it is not surprising to hear that this is actually the title track of the EP! The song “Split Up” is just as dynamic and memorable, and it has some of the best melodies on the entire release, giving it an emotional vibe as well. Last, but not least, there is also room for “Glass,” an outro that feels like a perfect curtain closer to this EP overall

Find out more and listen:

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Flori Da Don "Stay Out The Mix" Video

Flori Da Don releases "Stay Out The Mix", which is a detailed message of how street life is no joke. "Stay Out The Mix" is another way if saying, "stay out of the streets", if you are not prepared to deal with its harsh realities, such as betrayal from loved ones, long jail sentences for drug crime offenses, and more. Flori Da Don briefly describes in third person how he just wants to share his gift with the world and “Stay Out The Mix”.

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Instagram: @floridadonmusic
Facebook: @ Flori Da Don

Ruff Endz "Congratulations" Single | @THEREALRUFFENDZ

Ruff Endz, the hip-hop soul duo of David "Davinch" Chance and Dante "Chi" Jordan, formed in Baltimore in the mid-'90s. Named after the "Ruff" parts of the city, the group came up in West Baltimore originally as part of a quartet. Soon after they broke out on their own as a duo in 1999, they were signed to Epic Records. In that same year Ruff Endz was featured on Martin Lawrence's "Blue Streak" with a song entitled "Please Don't Forget About Me", which was produced by superstar producer Nokio from the platinum group "Dru Hill". They followed up in 2000 with their first album entitled Love Crimes. Their first single, "No More", reached #1 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts and peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2002, the duo released their second album, Someone To Love You, which peaked in the top 10 on the R&B charts and top 50 on Billboard. The album's first single, "Someone To Love You", went on to spend 11 weeks at #1 on the AC charts and with their second single, "Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes" rounding out the top 50 on Billboard.

They have shared the stage with music industry icons such as Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, and Christina Aguilera while also featured on CNN, MTV, BET, Top of the Pops (UK), and Much Music (Canada), just to name a few. Their music has been showcased in several feature films including Chris Rock's "Down to Earth", Eddie Murphy's "I Spy", and Ice Cube's "Barber Shop". Their success has grown and crossed US borders to headline their own tours throughout Europe and Japan, building a major international fan base.

After splitting in 2004, the group decided to join forces once again after their hometown of Baltimore erupted into a historical uprising that left their city in flames. With the city in unrest, they were compelled to record their first song entitled "Time 4 Change", which speaks out against injustice for their city and all cities alike. "Time 4 Change" is also the groups tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ruff Endz was also recently featured on one of Fox TV's latest breakout TV films, "Shots Fired". The song, "Speak to My Heart" aired in episode 7 on March 22, 2017.
Ruff Endz partners with Sono Recording Group and in 2021 the group releases their 5th studio album entitled "REBIRTH " Ruff Endz brings you back to the heart of R&B with their latest single " Congratulations " impacting radio NOW!

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Apryl Reclaims Her Power In "It Was You" Visual

New Jersey artist Apryl is encouraging others to claim their healing on her new single “It Was You”.

Turning her trauma and pain into an harmonious bop, she is reminding listeners to overcome whatever obstacle has you stuck in the past. With intentions of putting out the most music of her career this year, this songbird is on track to have the most successful year of her music career. Coming from humble beginnings interning with Jive and BMG Records, her experience in the music industry has afforded her the opportunity to share her musical gifts with the world. As she understands the power and necessity of sharing her music to be a healing force to others “It Was You” showcases Apryl’s musical abilities in a melodically serene manner. Check out the official music video below.

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Ha$e Debuts A Full Body of Work With Sealab Radio Album

Rising ATL emcee Ha$e is on fire these days. Coming fresh off the release of his debut album titled Sealab Radio, he is gearing up to have the most successful music. Determined to show the world how gifted he is musically, he has put together a fire project that will forever propel him forward in life. Within 11 tracks, you will hear in an array of genres infused into Ha$e’s new album, making it uncompraible to anything I have heard. Working with his Morehouse brother and now label head Tron Sagas, has turned out to be a recipe for the success. Ha$e is currently signed to the independent label 93 Supreme out of ATL, alongside R&B singer Willie Mack. Mack is actually featured on Sealab Radio on a two songs titled “Reign” and “Floaten”. Also featured on this project are Tron Sagas, Jai, Todd Casanova, and EhrickTheGemini. Each artist’s contributions fits perfectly with the musical direction Ha$e is headed in. Adding the remix to his biggest record to date “Tequila Wolf”, was a no brainer. That is hands down the standout record, as it embodies the ATL rapper’s raw creativity.

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Instagram:" target="_blank">


I’m an up and coming artist and native from Mobile Alabama, I’m all around entertainer. Music is my passion acting is a part of it.

I’ve open up for many mainstream artists; such as the Migos, Yo Gotti, Young Dro, Rich Homie Quan, and Doe B (R.I.P) I’m a very versatile artist that believes in balancing my craft. If it ain’t got substance with truth it ain’t me. A lot of my music deep because of what I been through and the people around me as well. I’m the voice of the voiceless, a product of my environment, a young cat with an old soul and a messenger of the streets. With my music you can agree or disagree but one thing for sure you gonna relate to me if you real. I come from poverty but I’ll leave in wealth cause my drive and hustle to succeed is different than the next man. When you see grandma washing yo clothes in a sink and hers in a tub that push to succeed hit a lil different. My goal is to be greater than my expectations while being in my own lane because I’m not in competition with no one but myself. I’m my biggest critic second to my family. Before I leave I wanna set a mark that’s almost impossible to conquer, but possible to achieve, because being Gamble The Great is having ya faith tested and being put in the worst situation and overcoming any and every obstacle put in front of you. Believing in ya self when everyone else is in doubt of your journey to achieve whatever they feel is impossible for you to do. Last but not least being the last one standing when everyone else fail to realize that you’re not average, nor just good, but greater than, and that’s me, “Gamble The Great”.

Artist: Gamble The Great Label: Gamble Boy Entertainment Contact: 251-610-0986 Email:
YouTube: FGamble
Instagram: gamblethegreat1
Facebook: Antonio Gamble/ Gamble The Great1
Twitter: GambleDaGreat1
Snapchat: gamblethegreat1

Rapper & Songwriter Salma Slims Shows Why She Is That It Girl In New "Oh He Wanna" Visual

Atlanta based femcee Salma Slims is on fire these days. Coming fresh off of the release of her “Oh He Wanna” music video, she is serving up a side of sexy to go along with her original sound.

Finding success last year with Chanel West Coast on their “Easy” single, Slims is carving out her own path in the music business. As a female rapper she is reminding the world that her talent is just as prevalent as her beauty, which will be displayed in her new visual.

In the “Oh He Wanna” music video, Slims displays a confident demeanor as she explains why she is the girl everybody wants to be with. Seen rolling around in an old school Cadillac with a baddie bestie, you will see the Atlanta bred artist transition into a Lamborghini, before hitting the golfing range. As she is a true fashion influencer, her love for high end fashion comes full circle as her and her girl friends engage in a pillow fight with GUCCI encrusted floors and Versace emblems . Turning the function to a full-fledged party, you get a chance to see how talented Slims is as a creative and rising star.

Connect w/ Salma Slims:

Spotlight On New Artist Kemi$try's New Music 'I Got That Fire'

New hip hop artist Kemi$try release's a new song called 'I Got That Fire Friday and is already gaining traction. Kemi$try is a author and rapper from Nashville, TN putting her city on the map. The new single was released under Cap City Media Group/Universal Music Group who's known for their past Billboard top 40 hits with several other artist. 'I Got That Fire' is available on on digital music platform's right playlist, like and share.

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Cdub x Numbaa7 “AhSum" Video

Cdub and Numbaa7 team up for the “AhSum" Video.

“AhSum" is Dir. by KENXL. and released via Independent label, Bossed Up Entertainment.

Press play and watch/support "AhSum"

Connect w/ Cdub:
For booking/feat: @Cdub_205 on IG or 2059207146

OTRACE "It's Time" Mixtape | Hosted by Bigga Rankin

ROCHESTER N.Y.; Artist, OTRACE has teamed up with legendary DJ and Think It's a Game A&R, Bigga Rankin for the release of his project "It's Time". The mixtape is available on all digital outlets and OTRACE is planning to drop visual very soon. Press play and stream/support.

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Follow OTRACE on Instagram: The_Real_OTRACE
For business contact: (850) 666- 3725