@TroubleDTE 431 days of trouble mixtape review

 The 431 Mixtape by Trouble got me walkin on the line between mediocre and good. The style of the mixtape is amazing!! Old head in between songs is definitely saying things that everybody needs to hear. The lyrics are not the best, but not wack. There's a few hot ass punchlines that made me say "Damn", but as a whole it coulda had a lil more substance. What really ruffles my feathers is his lack of ability to ride da beat. His flow is awesome but he's not able to stay on beat. He falls off a lot, in almost every song, and that depreciates the listening ability of the tape. On another positive note though he got some great people on the tape wit him. Bun B, Alley Boy, and Verse really brought suttin to this tape. All in all the tape is not great to me. Its a ok listen, but it wont make my iPod.
by Ms. Poochi