@DjShotgunnTampa "Prove Somethin vol 5" mixtape review

The DJ SHOTGUNN "Prove Somthin Mixtape Vol 5" is definitely the street niggas anthem! I'm not usually a fan of street music, but he definitely put this collection together great! Alley Boy made his presence known and it was definitely appreciated also. I can think of at least ten niggas off the top of my head who would CLEARLY "let this tape rock til the tape pop". This placement of the songs is great, the drops are great, The Mixtape is great!! This says a lot for him as a DJ. He could definitely host any party that I throw. His ability to pull me of all people in to enjoy a mixtape full of street music is phenomenal. I am thoroughly impressed and anticipating the release of Vol 6. This is definitely a Great Listen and will stay in my computer for me to hear it again!

If you don't have the tape, feel free to D/L it now!!!!