@DjHeadBussa presents ... @Kumlawdi

Dj HeadBussa links up with Tampa's own P.Kumlawdi on his FiRST ever Mixtape

"The Mis-Education of P.Kumlawdi"

P.Kumlawdi displays his versatile lyrics over original and industry beats. Not to mention Dj HeadBussa unique blends and mixtape production you will definitely understand and get to know the Mis-Education of P.Kumlawdi

Download or Listen to the mixtape here


P. Kumlawdi aka Don P. (or just P.) A down to earth, laid back Swaggologist, who went to school for Swaggonometry, also known as The Black Zack Morris of Payside High! First thing about me, I'm a fool and I love what I do and like having fun. I’m not a GOON and I don't claim to be one. I love my sons, money, and women. Im getting away from the norm of everybody doing gangsta rap, I’m swaggin it out! I can’t lie, it's hard to get away from it because that is the way I grew up. But, please don't get it twisted or mis-conscrewed, the boy do get down! U got fire? Well guess what, my gun license number is W 2801979 and it expires 2013, so we good Ova here! LOL! Music wise I am a BEAST!!! With the pen, I can do it all, writing from R&B to POP!
Check out the video 7grams from the Mixtape

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April 26 - May 2nd
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