@MJay813Promo "Against the Grain" mixtape review @TwoFiftyPlus @BiggaRankin00

To be completely honest, I thought the mixtape was gone be whack. Don’t get me wrong, M Jay is a good artist, I just didn’t think that he would be able to keep my attention for a whole mixtape... but I WAS WRONG!!! Against The Grain Mixtape is great! I didn't skip through any song. I love the way he takes ol' school beats and make them his own. He uses samples to pay homage and I respect that. His lyrics are not the greatest but they are definitely relatable. If it was one thing I would change about the mixtape it would be the arrangement of the songs. I think the tape could flow a lil better if a couple songs were moved around. It's not a lot of DJ drops in it either, which is great!! You know who tape your listening to but you don’t wanna "Kill The DJ"!! All in all M Jay Against The Grain Mixtape is a GREAT listen. It will definitely do great numbers!
By: Ms Poochi

If you don't have the mixtape, Download it here