#BreezySays 1 on 1 w/ @JusBurself4Me

First and foremost, congratulations on winning the first official BreezySays face book challenge of the new year. We are here to get to know a little background on Mr. Jus B.  Let’s start with, where are you from and how does that influence your artistry?
         "If I had to pen point one particular thing that influenced my approach to music it would have to be my up bringing, and always wanting more for myself and family outside of what was given and I just saw music as another outlet to achieve that".

What made you get involved in the music industry and is that still one of the driving forces behind your drive?
     "I wouldn't say anything in particular made me want to pursue music, I would say peoples influences on me made me take it seriously to a point I think I can benefit from it if given the chance to.  Driving force for what I do now and will forever be my child". 

Have you ever felt like it isn’t worth it?
"Those days come when you feel like nothing can go right, and you allow yourself to get upset and depressed yes, I've felt like that many time."

How does your fan base motivate you?
"The motivate me in that they ALWAYS give me honest feedback, S/O to the Ladies of Jus Talk 2.0! " They aren't a bunch of YES WOMEN....LOL....they give it to you real".

What piece of wisdom would you like to share with everyone out here trying to get ahead?
"READ!  Understand your craft and Dare to be Different" Fame will find you! 
Any personal shoutouts?
" God, my Son Kaden his mother, Ms Breezy for putting me on! And to all those who voted for me and following this movement"!

JusB currently has 2 projects out, one on ITunes titled "9 months after" (Click to D/L) and this mixtape available on datpiff 
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He will also be on-air with us tonight on BreezySays radio, so tune in and call if you would like to give shoutouts and/or ask questions.