@DJShotgunnTampa "More Than A DJ"

DJ Shotgunn "More Than a Club DJ"

DJ SHOTGUNN born in Las Vegas & brought up between Miami & Tampa has been Djing for over 20 years professionally. In this time he has entertained the bay area and select cities all over the United States. He's a triple threat DJ that is your one stop for entertainment.

DJ SHOTGUNN has been the go to DJ in his market for the past 14 years & counting. He has successfully helped build and maintain over 90% of clubs & events. He's been apart of key dj groups, local and nation wide. ROCK-IT-ROD DJ'S, UNTOUCHABLE DJ'S, 5TH ELEMENT DJ'S, he is also a part of SLIP-N-SLIDE DJ'S and COOL RUNNIN DJ'S, just to name a few. He's also worked as a mix show DJ for WTMP 1150AM and 96.1 FM. DJ SHOTGUNN was the show DJ and Hype Man for artist such as Krazy, YaBoyy (Nas-D), and Tampa Tony. He is also an artist and has released such regional hits as "JAWS GO DROP", "DO WHAT CHA DO", "PUT YA RIGHT HAND UP" and "FACE DOWN HANDS IN THE AIR”. DJ SHOTGUNN has also been featured on songs with KRAZY, TAMPA TONY, and STRIZZO "LOW LOWW".

Known for breaking records and keeping the club hype, DJ SHOTGUNN has showcased his skills all across Florida, including, but not limited, to these clubs: CLUB ATL, CLUB MOET, STUDIO 7, CLUB XS, CLUB FUEL, FULL MOON SALOON, CLUB MIRAGE, and VANITY ULTRA LOUNGE. You can still get the DJ SHOTGUNN experience at the following clubs: UNDERGROUND, CLUB 1 SOUTH, and TOP FLITE, as well as guest appearances in clubs around his market. With various mixtape series: PROVE SUMTHIN, KRUNK HEAT, 2 O'Clock Ride Out & SEX BOWL, he appeals to a large audience. He just maybe one of the only dj's that's still hand mixing and not just copying and pasting with a computer. Never sticking to a script or certain play list, he keeps changing his style and selections, but stays entertaining. DJ SHOTGUNN is the blue print for Djs in his area and sets a high standard for Djs & even hosts to follow.
DJ Shotgunn is a part of the biggest entertainment team in the country, TEAM BIGGA RANKIN!! His newest mixtape "Prove Sumthin vol. 5" is currently available and has already gotten great reviews. Follow this link and download it on datpiff Prove Sumthin Vol 5

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