#BreezySays introduces @BigDiesel941

Big Diesel

BIG DIESEL born March 7, 1986 in Connecticut, lived for many years in the Bronx, and ultimately made his way down to Bradenton, Florida where he has been for the last 8 years . He had a life full of struggle and had to prove himself as a fighter. He started doing music for fun at the age of 16, but only took it seriously when he was incarcerated and had idle time. The music he makes is a direct reflection of his life speaking on everything he has overcome. He does not care about what people think about him. Big Diesel is a fat guy, so why the name Diesel??? Well, because he can and he rep's for the fat boys. His supporters and fans are highly appreciated and they are the reason he won't stop being Big Diesel.


Fat Boiz Black & White was the first official release from Big Diesel. This was a co-effort by him and FatBoi Fresh and was hosted by 941's very own Dj Purfiya. D/L it here and make sure you check it out.

Fat Boz Black & White
BACKGROUND CHECK was the 2nd mixtape release from Big Diesel and he had it co-hosted by DJ Purfiya and DJ Big Dawg. D/L it here and add it to your collection.

Background Check
For his third effort, Big Diesel linked up with Dj Winn and they dropped the "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner" mixtape. Definitely should be added to your collection also.

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

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