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LaidBack Snail is an indie artist out of Florida, born in Miami and raised in Bradenton. He is relatively new to the game, but already has the support of his city and is working on turning that support into a movement. His debut mixtape “Real Talk” gains more plays and downloads on the daily basis. He has teamed up with various djs in his city and they are all behind his project. The fans and industry insiders say the quality of his music is what makes him standout and get their support.

LaidBack Snail also has a team known as “Go Hard Ent”, which is collectively working to get them widely known, as well as putting the 941 area code on Florida’s map of musical artists. The love he has for music and the motivation to represent for his team and area are the reasons he is pushing so hard to get to the next level. The journey might have only recently gotten serious, but hearing that his single “Baby dere Bad” is a diamond in the rough and a hit from various people lets him know that he is on the right path. Do not forget LaidBack Snail because he is ready, motivated, talented, and most importantly, he is here to stay.

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This tape is getting some great feedback, even though it wasn't heavily promoted. Make sure to download and check it out. Stay tuned because Laid Back Snail is making things happen, slowly, but surely.