Breezy's Mother's Day Message

I hate being away from my MOM on mother's day...but sometimes life takes us in different directions. I know for a fact that what I am doing know I wouldn't have done if I would've stayed in the position I was in 2 years ago. My relocation cause her to also make some drastic changes in her life, not because she NEEDED to, but because she finally found the strength to. My mother is the person I always credit with motivating me to do better, she is the person I look at for advice. When she read my first magazine feature, she said "baby you didn't say anything about your daddy, he might get upset." My response is "mama, daddy spoiled me and gave me everything I wanted, but you were tough with me and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed." As a mother I see myself transforming into ANA everyday and I say "man I'm becoming my mother" , my friends tell me the same thing and guess what, that is the highest compliment I can receive. Today is a day where we acknowledge all the mothers out there. I hate to see these young and even grown men cursing their "baby mama" out, today isn't the day for that. Truth is, I am nobody's baby mama, I am the MOTHER of my child!!! Shoutout to all the mothers out there and I must acknowledge all the single FATHERS as well. Life isn't easy but as PARENTS we have the hardest task to do, but I see many doing it and I applaud all of us. Keep on, keepin on!!! Breezy Loves all of you :)