@CassBangkok pres. a contest for da Twerkers!!!!! #$500.00 for the winner

@CassBangkok pres. a contest for da Twerkers!!!!!

"Throwin Dis Money" ft Lil Kee

The lady or team of ladies that submits the best Twerk video to the official "Throwin Dis Money", single will win a day with Cass, which includes a $500.00 shopping spree. We see twerk videos all day, but this time we want to make it even more special for the ladies involved. Submissions start today, May 7th and run until May 31st. The winner will be announced on June 4th!!!! So get to twerkin and upload those videos, once uploaded, post your links directly to his facebook fanpage!! Facebook.com/CassBangkok The single is available for download at the following link --->"Throwin Dis Money" Download

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