Don Juan (@Nix2Bricks) ft. Fatty Duke (@FattyDuke) - "Crazy" [Audio] via @UrbanAddiction

Giving his rapidly growing fan base just a taste of what he has to offer, Tampa rapper Don Juan releases his highly explosive single “Crazy” featuring much respected Tampa-based rapper Fatty Duke.

The lead single is off his forthcoming Millionaire Bound Records mixtape Nix 2 Bricks 2: No Love Straight Thugscheduled to drop May 29, “Crazy” insinuates Don Juan must be insane for parking an expensive foreign car outside of a ghetto corner store or for simply being on the wrong side of the tracks riding in a flashy car. On the up-tempo track, Don Juan and Fatty also put fake rappers’ heads on the chopping block for falsely claiming to own things they don’t have.

“A lot of rappers make music but you can’t match the lyrics with the visuals,” says Don. “They say they are riding in a Maserati or Bentley but they’re standing in front of a Chevy in their video. My music is different because it’s jamming and it’s the truth.”