Pulse Lord Exclusive 1 on 1 w/ BreezySays | @Lord_Pulse

WELCOME Pulse Lord

1. What’s your name and tell us a little bit about yourself.

PL: Name is Pulse Lord.

2. Where are you from? And what affect does that have on your music?

PL: I am from Washington state.

3. What was highest and lowest point in your career?

PL: My career low point was being broke in 2014. Career High point is now. I was able to invest in HEX token which has allowed me to work fewer hours, which led to me having the time to write my first songs.

4. How do you separate your personal life from your music life and how does how does the music industry affect your personal life?

PL: The music industry does not affect my personal life. I simply write, and record my music when my family is busy elsewhere.

5. What project/track means the most to and which project/track are you proudest of?

PL: I am proud of my 3 songs. I tend to like the newest one I'm working on the most

6. How do you separate yourself from other artist?

PL: I am separated by other artists in part by rapping solely for the joy of it, and to bring others joy. I am not chasing a rap career, and therefore have very little pressure or stress in regards to music.

7. Who do you feel is your biggest competitor

PL: I don't really have a competitor. Not competing.

8. What is the hardest part of the music industry?

PL: I don't know what is hard about the music industry. My music is free. So making rap music is easy for me, other than it does cost me money haha.

9. What are your thoughts on how the rap game has changed?

PL: I like that an artist can upload music, beats, etc. For any other artist to lease, or purchase for their own use. Then a rap artist can also self promote in a similar fashion. This has changed the rap game.

10. Who or what has the biggest impact on your career?

PL: The biggest impact on my career is Richard Heart, and HEX token, which was my inspiration to write my first ever rap songs.

11. What can we look forward to seeing in the future from you? (include events, music, tv, any projects and send graphic if available)

PL: The future promises to be amazing as I plan to professionally record my first 4 songs soon, with more to follow. I only plan to release my songs on my YouTube channel at this time.

As you can see, Pulse Lord is not the average artist. He's here to enjoy the music and have fun. Check out his single "Telegram". Pulse Lord describes it as "Amateur crypto rap" to a trap beat that you will either love it or leave it.

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