For Immediate Release @STiNO1031 "Highway" Single DJ SERVICE PACK

For Immediate Release STiNO"Highway" DJ SERVICE PACK


"If this aint yo Game don't play it"

York Pennsylvania born, Stino is a rapper, songwriter and producer; a visionary. When it comes to his music he sees, feels and hears the finished product before it’s created. His ability to envision both the conclusion and necessary moves to produce quality music sets him apart – sometimes it takes everyone else a while to catch up, though.

Stino has big dreams and the hustle needed to pull them off. He methodically sets small goals, building upon each achievement to create bigger and better ones. Motivated to improve the standards set by others and create new, better music. Stino never quits, he’s constantly chasing his dreams and continuing his journey to stardom.

After putting in the work – he’s beginning to reap the benefits. The buzz has definitely started and continues to increase. After the release of his mixtape in late 2010 it’s only getting louder. Playing at more shows, building a strong name in the local community and continually surrounded by a talented group of people time will only tell before Stino & his team become a household name! The New Era mixtape released in early 2012 is creating even more stir, with singles like "find me a brick" and "put it on me."

Stino plans to keep solid footing as he achieves each and every goal. He can't wait to feel the wind and enjoy the view from the top.
The newest official single release from Stino is here. Highway is another single in which has production by David Matin. These gentlemen together on a track goes as well as peanut butter & jelly. We are providing you with the full DJ SERVICE pack and ask that you support the record, as well as provide some feedback. Feel free to add this single to mixtapes, your playlist, and any other media form you have access to.

Stino "Highway" Service Pack
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