Dannyland brings it from his soul with single "Yellow" @Dannyland815

As a male artist in a relationship, your better half worries about you being with another woman while on the Road. When a true artist is focus and has a rider by his side, the only thing on his mind is getting to this money.

Coming out of Rockford, Illinois, Dannyland is that dude doing just that. Linking up with Producer N Soulbeatz, together they deliver something for the ladies titled "Yellow". This is where Dannyland talks about being with his wifey, caring less about other woman and getting to the money.

As an artist in order to succeed he must travel a lot. For Dannyland its "Money over bitches, over hoes". He has no time to do nothing but stay on his A game, but when he is home he wants nothing but the lady on his side, and she loves when he is home.

Although she has her suspicious thoughts, she can't wait to be around him. Dannyland delivers it perfectly by using vocals to explain his story.

Make sure you check out "Yellow" on all digital platforms and the Video on YouTube.

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