[Single] Pops Jr - IONSEE

Why Are We Not Checking For Wash State?

Hailing out of Washington State Home of Legal Buds, Rainy Skies, and Liberaly Coffee Shops; Pops Jr is an emcee who is OBSESSED with originality. With every verse he tries to push the limit of rap as we know it. His ability to combine pain and laughter is unreal. His comedic bars mixed with raw emotion is what makes him so different. One of the few rappers who will change his cadence at the drop of a hat. His raspy voice is sure to captivate any audience instantly. Pops Jr is not to be compared to ANY rapper. Pops often says "im more James Brown than Jay-Z".. His huge influences comes from soul artistes from the 70s.

Even though he grew up in the 90s he always had a old soul. At the age of 5 yrs old his father "Pop Heavenly" aka POPS put him and his 4 older brothers in a rap group called the Heavenly Boyz. In the group he was much like little Michael. He love the stage. The group traveled coast to coast performing where ever their Pops could get a gig. No matter how much he steered his boys right the baby of the family had different plans. At 16 Pops Jr caught a murder case. "I was young and aggressive which led me to take a life early" says Pops Jr. His intent was only to rob but his aggression took it too far. "Thats when it all changed" says Pops Jr. He thought his rap dreams were over. But prison ended up giving him the strength he needed. He did 11 yrs straight and was released at 27 with an insane passion. He changed his name to Pops Jr in honor of his father POPS. "my dads legacy bein honored means the world to me" says Pops Jr. Pops has a lane like no other. "i stopped trying to be the best rapper once Eminem got as good as he did" says Pops. he no longer wanted to focus on each word and focus more on how they come across to the listener. Pops Jr is on a mission and wont stop til the whole world knows exactly who he is. Check out "Ionsee"!

~G Webb

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