[Feature] Artist Spotlight on Quon (@misterquon)

All roads lead to Austin, Texas, March 13th - 14th for Hip Hop sensation, Quon’s live performances. The Agenda Show & Nerve DJs showcase will present Quon, live on stage. Since the release of his official “Fans” music video, Quon has been taking on new ventures career wise. Underground HipHop Blog recently interviewed and featured Quon on their website. One may view the official interview at: http://undergroundhiphopblog.com/2014/02/20/quon-amarillo-tx-qa-interview

Quon is currently working on his EP and pushes for a spring release; fans are in for a treat. Join DJ Non-Stop in an all exclusive interview with Quon on WTMH Radio, Friday, March 7th, 4PM EST. Be on the lookout for upcoming blog posts, website features and exclusive interviews from Quon. Fans and well-wishers are urged to follow Quon via social media for the latest scoop.

It cannot be stressed enough; all roads lead to Austin, Texas, March 13th – 14th for Quon’s live performances at the Agenda Show & Nerve DJs showcase. Quon will be signing autograph & taking pictures with fans. One on one interviews before and after his performance at both events are welcome; media outlets may get in contact for coverage.

Quon is an original Southern rapper; if you’ve not heard his music and seen his videos before, now is the perfect time to do so.