@Yung2TSE "Shut The Fuck Up" full write-up and service pack [single]

Yung 2 is an artist that developed as a product of his surroundings. Growing up in the tough streets of Little Rock, AR, who is most notoriously known for it's HBO Special, "Banging in Little Rock", He quickly had to learn to adapt to the culture we know as "THE HOOD". Being
born to mother Carol King, a young beautician out the Granite Mountain Projects and and father Keith King your everyday neighborhood "ENTREPRENEUR". HE discovered his talent and love for music at the adolescent age of 12! But with no official place to record or express his talent,
the first few years of his rap career he freestyled with his boys which later went to be known as the group "GOON SQUAD". But before the group was formed member "Squady" was discovered by local powerhouse label "THO'D STUDIOS ENT" run by CEO D-Dirt E. Squady dropped his rookie mixtape titled "AHEAD OF MY CLASS", which Yung 2 was featured on, AND DA QUESTIONS STARTED! Everybody wanted to know who the guy was with all the energy and the hilarious adlibs. Well they soon found out when Squady took his boys to D-Dirt and they formed legendary group GOON SQUAD! The young teenage group included 5 band members. Yung Squady, Petey Weedstraw, Lil 3, B Mo, and of course Yung 2 then know as K2. The group hit da streets running! They quickly earned a name as one of the GREATEST GROUPS to ever hit Arkansas. But everything would come to a halt when band member Squady was killed in a fatal car accident! The loss was tremendous! And though the group kept pushing it, the movement slowly spiraled to a pause. That is until Yung 2 decided to carry on the flame and keep their and
Squady's dreams alive. Fueled by upcoming procucer Yung Stylez beats, and a drive/passion for music of a 4x4 duly, Yung 2 became a force to be reckoned with. He dropped debut mixtape titled, "CHAIN SWANG SHAWTY" and immediately set the streets on fire! With the energy of Lil
Jon, and swag that matches your everyday HOOD NIGGA, Yung 2 gave the streets what they wanted! The mixtape included the now ANTHEM for the whole state "ARKANSAS" with the video KILLING YOUTUBE! It also included HOT SINGLE "UM ON KUSH" ft Joker B, and SEXY
track for the ladies "GUCCI AND LOUIE" ft D-Dirt which tells the story of PRINCE CHARMING (Yung2), making u feel like u the only woman in the room GIRL! Now, after a long absence from the scene, HE'S BACK AND HUNGRY ASS EVER! Releasing his new maxi-singe including 6 hot new tracks from his upcoming album "THE ANSWER", he comes out da door letting u know he has got it on his mind! And by "IT" i mean " A MAJOR RECORD DEAL". He takes no shortcuts and sugarcoats nothing these days! Pulling his own weight and pushing himself like never before.ITS TIME TO PUT IT IN THE FACE! During his brief absence "THE QUESTIONS" and "RUMORS" blossomed. "When 2 gone drop again?". "Did he get fat? I heard he got fat". "Mane I heard K2 fell off". Well since u mfs wanna be in my business so much, I"m bout to give u what you ask for!