JB MUSIK (@Mr_JBMusik) "Throw It Back REMIX" ft. Burga and La Da Boomman [Single]

Ft.Pierce, Fla. JB Musik releases his new single!! With a new album in the works, "Throw It Back (Remix)" featuring Burga and La Da Boomman is just that. This track will hit hard in the club and in every hustler's ride, beating the block down. JB Musik will keep his listeners running back with it's memorable hook.

JB Musik has a champion mentality and a unique style that is going to push this 24 year old rapper to the brink of success. He has no place to go, but forward as he represents for his hometown Ft.Pierce. Coming from a single family household, JB Musik knows what hard work is. He spent many years watching his mother do it alone, as she was able to keep the house afloat and made sure he kept up with his responsibilities in school. JB Musik pressed through collegiate sports, but in the end pursued his passion for writing. The "Throw It Back (Remix) features the sounds of Burga and La Da Boomman coming together and bringing you a solid instant replay. This is one that will definitely stay on deck!

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