@DaBoyBaKe "TURKEY BURGERS" #BaKesDozen 9 of 13

Knarley! Presents: #BaKesDozen with 13 visuals to be released in 13 consecutive weeks starring Da Boy BaKe and exclusively filmed by Umpire Films. This ninth release titled "Turkey Burgers" (produced by Pogue Brothers) BaKe expresses the IGNORANCE surrounding Rap Artist and the stigma of, you must 'DISS' another artist to get 'ON.' In this visual BaKe uses the analogy of shopping for food products to show how he is avoiding Hip Hop BEEF with these LOCAL RAPPERS, and sends shout outs to the Knarley Corporate SPONSORS in the process. Hip Hop BEEF is a form of BULLYING and you cant BULLY the artist who is the BIGGEST! A man cant eat if he doesnt work, and it says that in the Bible (2 Thessalonians 3:10). So stop trying to take short cuts you rappers, and get on ya job! Stop complaining and comparing yourself to the next guy. DO YOU, we know BaKe is doing him, You Turkey Burgers....... KNARLEY!


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