[Mixtape] Todd Porter - Paypa Chaysa

He hails from America’s most dangerous city. The story of the underdog in its truest form. Flint Michigan bread Todd Porter is the truth.

Born March 3rd 1985 at Hurley Hospital in Flint Michigan. Todd Porter as a young boy always knew that he would be someone special. He just loved music no matter what kind of music it was. Throughout his grade school days he stayed doing some type of music. Whether he was beat boxing, Free Styling, or beating on the tables it always had something to do with music.

With the emergence of the crack era and the abandonment of General Motors began the down fall of Flint. Being from a single parent house hold T.P. says we grew up poor and him seeing all the older heads out there getting it made him want to get some of that money too. Needless to say that he had his run ins with the law. But even through all of the heart ships, pain, ups, downs, trials and tribulations it always came back to the music.

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