Smith Radio (@SmithRadio) "Ass Attack" [single]

District of Columbia; indie artist Smith Radio releases official single "Ass Attack." Smith Radio began his musical journey at the age of 18, in his hometown of District of Columbia. His home base is highly active in the Go-Go genre of music, but Smith Radio has been diligently working towards increasing the popularity of hip hop.

Smith Radio -Ass Attack
Smith Radio has a great relationship with college radio and has made some head way in the FM stations as well. Having achieved success with tracks, "6 am in Vegas" and "In the Know", he is ready to take things outside of that market with the new single "Ass Attack."

"Ass Attack" is a high-energy club banger. The beat will get the crowd up on their feet and bopping their heads along with the song. Delivering ear catching and some even controversial lines, Smith Radio keeps it flowing from beginning to end. Check out "Ass Attack" and make sure you have it on your playlist.