MASON (@GotMason) - Roll With It

Directed by Brian Richardson of Greenhouse Films:
Produced with vocals by Nick Cook

Dark Side Mixtape Available on Datpiff November 14th!


Mason is that ace in the hole, jack of all trades, king of lyricism, drama queen that the world has always loved and has been waiting for the reemergence of. When asked why he chose such a difficult career to break into he said: "For some peculiar reason I have an unquenchable urge to want to be remembered. I need to share my talents and my life with as many people as I can. It's a dire need, but don't worry I'll work for it."

After 4 mix tapes, countless shows with artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Cypress Hill, and Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg), festivals including SXSW 2012, a contract with Doghouse Records becoming their first hip hop artist ever and a collection of hundreds of songs in various genres Mason is well on his way and not slowing down any time soon. He is expecting to release a minimum of 2 more mix tapes this year and is creating a huge buzz around his label submitted album entitled Different Kinda Cool.