FriendsWithNobody, JDee & DJ Femzey Are Reviving Nigerian Rap with "Block"

New Nigerian chief James Guyton of FreindsWithNobody is bringing Rap back to Nigeria with hit song "Block".

According to Guyton, “seeing how rap music is doing real good in some countries like America, gives me the push as an international artist to take the step of reviving the genre in my ancestral home”

BLOCK, which is the celebration of Nigerian greatness, has collaborations with solely Nigerian artistes which include DJ Fremzey and JDee.

It showcases JG and Neezy from FriendsWitNobody hooking up with upcoming Nigerian artistes JDee and DJ Fremzey taking listeners on a journey through the streets of Surulere, Nigeria, through the blocks of the roughest streets in the motherland.

The hit track complements FriendsWitNobody’s candid approach to lyricism. This,matched with menacing production, makes “Block” that one single Hip Hop which heads have been yearning for. After listening to “Block”, it will be apparent to fans and listeners alike that FriendsWitNobody has been in it to rule the Nigerian rap music world, proving their doubters wrong with precise rhymes, effortless pen game and plenty of style.

With F.W.N., JDee and DJ Femzey providing the perfect synergy via savvy wordplay, it won’t be soon before long that “Block” is recognized as their next collaborative hit.

Check in with the single on all digital streaming platforms and stay tuned for more from the crowned King of Rap Music in Nigeria: FriendsWitNobody! As a musician, songwriter, producer and a philanthropist, JG has set for himself a mission to promote Nigeria and its culture across the globe through his music. As part of his efforts towards promoting Nigerian music, JG has completed plans to set up a- state- of – the- art music studio in Nigeria.

According to Sunday Chibike, JG’s country Manager, “ Nigerians should look forward to JG’s second release in Nigeria which will be titled IGWE #IGBO OFFICIAL by the end of March, 2020.

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