[Single] Jay Uno (@JayUno) ft. Tone Trump - FU*k NI**az

Jeff “Jay Uno” Murat, Brooklyn native but resident of the world, is more than your average emcee. He started to express his love for music by making beats, but soon discovered he not only shined behind a key board or a drum machine, but behind a mic as well. After working with various artists he noticed one thing they all lacked, self-sufficiency. Being a great lyricist but not a producer, or vice versa, left you at a disadvantage. Realizing he was able to create his own beats as well as rap over them, he began to build the “Jay Uno” brand. Living by his motto “If there isn’t a way to get to it, I will make one”, he started to take over not only Brooklyn but Long Island as well.

Booking Email: UnoMusicGroupp@gmail.com

IG: JayUnoSd

FB: https://www.facebook.com/jayuno

Website: UnoMusicGroup.com