For Immediate Release @TotalKaos ft Kalico "Pop Off" [Single]

Total Kaos is a seasoned artist whose past has paved the way for an illuminating music career. His multiple talents as a writer, producer, engineer and rapper afford him the ability to work with several different artists while being self-sufficient in his music. He has worked with current artist such as, but not limited to: Lil’ Boosie, Field Mob, and was a mentor to T-Pain, prior to his career jumping off. Total Kaos also worked with Rick Ross in a never released independent film, produced for platinum recording group Pretty Rickie on their chart topping single “You Be Mine” and collaborated with Master P for the song, “You Ain’t Sayn’ Nothn” and DJ Kizzy Rock on “Let Me See You Ride” featured in Ice Cube’s movie, “The Player’s Club.” Total Kaos, who will soon be releasing his album, The Truth Hurts, maintains a thriving music career by simple hard work and dedication.

With an awesome track record behind him and new singles that are guaranteed to get the streets jumping again, he is here to let you know not to count him out. The current single "Pop Off" featuring Kalico is already making noise and creating anticipation for the follow-up. Feedback and support is greatly appreciated.
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