BreezySays 1 on 1 w/ @IamLarcen

Larcen is an indie artists residing in Tampa Bay, Florida. He is a member of Pf Gang, which is compiled by other indie artists with the drive, talent, and aspirations to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Recently we have noticed that many of the competitions being thrown in the bay area, have him coming out on top. Being the observant people that we are, we came to the most obvious conclusion... we need to get an interview with him, both written and yes one LIVE on-air. Read on and get familiar because this young man is definitely somebody you will be seeing and hearing a lot more from.

Breezy: Where are you from and how does that influence your artistry?
Larcen: I was born and raised the Bronx, NY, the birthplace of this Hip-Hop culture that we've all grown to live and love. As far as how that influences me, I would have to say that being from there, growing up there, especially during the golden age of Hip-Hop is and has been the biggest influence in my artistry. 
Breezy: What made you get involved in the music industry and is that still one of the driving forces behind your drive?
Larcen: Well, as a young boy I was always into Hip-Hop. Any song that I liked, I was able to recite word for word after only hearing it a few times. My mom would always tell me "boy, I wish you knew your school work like you know them damn rap songs" lol. That was in elementary school. In middle school, I began to write rhymes but it wasn't until high school when I started to showcase my talent with other rappers in cyphers at school. In 1999, I was introduced to (at the time) Loud Records artists DEAD PREZ. It was them who gave me a taste of the stage life and the feedback given by the crowd made me say "hey, maybe i can do this for real". Since then, yes,along with my affection for Hip-Hop, it is the recognition that I get from my fans that drives me till this day.
Breezy: Have you ever felt like it isn’t worth it?
Larcen: Yes, I have actually felt like that several times but my passion for Hip-Hop will not allow me to ever give up on my dream. On top of that, my momma always told me that if I want it to go get it so no matter how many times I may feel like it isn't worth it, in my mind & heart I know it's worth every drop of blood, sweat & tears to make this dream come true. 
Breezy: How does your fan base motivate you?
Larcen: My fan base motivates me by the level of support they provide. When they share a song or video of mine, or sing along at my shows, and/or purchase a cd. It's that type of support from them that gives me motivation.
Breezy: What piece of wisdom would you like to share with everyone out here trying to get ahead?
Larcen: Stay true and dedicated to what you believe in and always do what you do with passion, all your passion. In my eyes, there's no way you can lose when you give it your all.
Breezy: Any personal shoutouts?
Larcen: Us or Nuffin Ent!, New Jack City, My moms(Brandy Logan), Frank Gitty, Smitty150, Bloody B, Aja Lorraine, Wally Clark, Eazy on da beat, Aych, Bet that Records, Bo$$ Lady Ent, Tampa Mystic, The whole Bronx, Tampa, and BreezySays! 

If you haven't heard of Larcen, check out his "Good Morning, Get Money" mixtape...a must listen!